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32 - Wheat Thinspiration

We do some investigative journalism (don’t question it). The song for this episode is Pusha T’s “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” because “crutches” kind of sounds like “crunches.” You’re welcome.

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Sitting on the Couch with Friends

Sitting on the Couch with Friends


What is to stop me

from planting my feet

on the wall and walking

straight into the sky?

I can walk from the couch… 107 more words


Weeknight Wine & Cheese

When you’ve been traveling (because wedding season) and you’ve been sick, it’s hard to keep up with your friends.
But when you’re back in town and you’re feeling better, you have all your babes over for wine and cheese! 456 more words

The Mystery of the Illegible Grocery List

My part of the world has always taken the term “April showers” very seriously. Today was no exception. There was severe lightning, there was hail, there was flooding and there was excessive, driving, sideways rain … all wrapped up in a tornado warning. 403 more words

When clarity in brand messaging goes hilariously extreme

Most folks in marketing have heard of the concept of a brand identity – the colours, fonts, logos and other visible stuff associated with a brand. 200 more words


Creamy Ham Dip

Anyone still exhausted from last week and all the festivities?  Well, I definitely am, and likely the most exhausted I’ve been for any holiday in years, but not surprising with 3 active young children.   304 more words


Suds, Duds, & New Buds

I live in a laundering desert. There’s no laundry center at my apartment complex, nor do I have my own washer/dryer set. So, I’m stuck lugging a misshapen hamper to the Pearson Road Laundromat once every two weeks. 832 more words