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Wheat thins and peanuts

Okay…just play along…

Peanut butter and >>>>>>jelly.

Macaroni and>>>>>>cheese.

Wheat thins and>>>>>>?????

I have no idea what you said for that last one, but I’m guessing it wasn’t “peanuts”! 278 more words

Thoughts while flying

This is from my flying experience on 7/10/17, on my way to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for the Jesus Freak cruise 2017. These are legitimately just thoughts I had and not the opinions of anyone else on the plane. 324 more words

Multiple hospital trips and realizing "normal" doesn't really exist

I never thought I’d find myself as part of the mall walkers crowd on a Sunday morning, but I also never thought I’d be making three trips to the hospital in less than a week. 1,066 more words