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Resurrection Ch. 4

It had been a month since Ginny woke from the strange dream and yet it was the only thing occupying her mind. The dark, menacing eyes that had fixated on the group of twenty-somethings felt like they were tattooed on the backs of her own eyelids. 1,410 more words


Resurrection Ch. 3

“I bet I know what you’re thinking.” Rodolphus tapped his feet to the side before leaning against the banister. The man was so flamboyant, Lucius wondered how he managed to escape the Ministry’s clutches. 1,412 more words


Aspiring Fanfiction/Fiction Authoress

Hellooo, you can call me Doxey. I’m probably going to be posting fanfiction here.

Fandoms you might find here:

  • Buffy/Angel
  • Harry Potter
  • Chew
  • Firefly/Serenity
  • The Walking Dead…
  • 33 more words

The Character of Faith: One Tough Chick

Faith is the dark image of Buffy.  She didn’t grow up with the love Buffy experienced, she has different issues with liking and leaving guys, and she was in a rougher place when she was chosen.  395 more words


Geek & Sundry Post: The Awesome Women of the Whedonverse

Hey, guys! I’m back at Geek & Sundry writing about some of my favorite women in the Whedonverse! Be sure to head over there to check out my blog (and check out… 215 more words


Close Encounters: a Cordy/Lindsey fanfic

“Cordelia Chase is your number one priority. She is essential to the success of this mission, Mr. McDonald,” Mr. Black told him this morning. The old man–and by… 883 more words



The final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ends with the series finale, “Chosen”. The Scooby Gang, their allies, and The Potentials are all faced with the ultimate battle of good versus evil, where they finally get to come up against The First’s army. 821 more words