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Power wheelchair is most useful for physically disabled persons

We know everyone this generally that the wheelchair enables to transport or move in outdoor or indoor who are physically unable to move or walk around anywhere. 244 more words

Wheel Chair

Obese African American sues KFC over wait gain

The fat black women in a wheel chair wheels herself to kfc, but they are closed. After that she wheeled herself to Popeyes, but they were also closed. 238 more words

About Eilat

I didn’t write much about Eilat, and the truth is that I am terrible about that.  I am terrific about complaining about hotels (and more of that later) but not so good about what makes Eilat such a wonderful place to come. 622 more words


Another trip to Eilat

I haven’t really been able to type because of my left hand not working, and now I am  subject to fits of pain so severe as to be utterly debilitating.   988 more words


Children toilet signs

Children toilet signs seen in Walldorf, Germany.