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Children toilet signs

Children toilet signs seen in Walldorf, Germany.


Visiting the Armoured Corps museum and various vicissitudes of life

I haven’t been able to write much, with my problems with my left hand, and keeping busy with doctor’s appointments and so on.  But I have been able to get out a bit, and last Friday I took the youngest son and The Husband to the Armoured Corps museum at Latrun. 787 more words


Things you need to ask yourself before buying a rollator

In every family there are elderly persons who are the victims of restricted locomotion. Apart from age related issues, there are also numerous deadly diseases like muscular dystrophy, Amylotropic lateral sclerosis, Progeria and other nerve related disorders which cause severe mobility problems. 86 more words

Mobility Care

This is Real Life, Not Fantasy

Last weekend, I attended an event host by the Immune Deficiency Foundation. They held an educational day in Birmingham with a variety of doctors and other professionals in attendance to keep patients with Primary Immune Deficiency up to date on the latest research and treatments. 603 more words


A Very Special Young Man. . . .

I know the Terrell family because Ken, the Dad, is the worship leader at my church. Kevin often joins us in the choir or sings duets with his dad.   51 more words

No Fair

Hello again.  It’s been another busy, full and difficult week.

The van is working, for the most part.  There have been a few wrinkles, but nothing that didn’t sort itself out so far.   789 more words


Starting out (again)

I haven’t been writing much, I’m having a hard time settling down into my skin.  But first:  the good news.  The van (appears to be) fixed!   400 more words