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The Wheel of Fortune

I have been absent for a couple months due to a plethora of issues. My husband and I are currently remodeling our home – just the two of us. 392 more words

Card Reflections

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines - Happy 20th Anniversary




Yes, it’s the 20th anniversary of the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine.

When the casino is quiet, you can hear it call out to you ….. 542 more words

Slot Machines

July 13, 2016: Guardians of Fairyland 

I start the day with some Archer before heading out at nine for an early work day. When I get to Hampstead I drive around the village to hit the Pokéstops a few times and then battle the gym before heading into the store. 131 more words

July 6, 2016: Banana Guard 16

As I wake up I just continue to watch The Cleveland Show until I’m ready to get up and functioning. Once I’m up and have coffee I watch a few episodes of the Simpsons and read the last issue of Sinergy before leaving to go to work. 293 more words

What's On My TV: Summer 2016

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Thanks for coming back to Allison in Wonderland!  This week, I’m excited to chat about my favorite TV shows of the season!   350 more words


“That which is alive hath known death, and that which is dead can never die, for in the Circle of the Spirit life is naught and death is naught. 602 more words


Wheel of Fortune

So, we get stuck watching Wheel of Fortune fairly often, while waiting for Jeopardy to come on the air, because we can only stand the first 5 or 10 minutes of our local news before we get disgusted at yet another car crash or accidental child shooting or drug overdose, so the choice of choices in that particular time slot is Vanna and Pat, because we still watch Network Television. 244 more words

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