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"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/26/17

$1K T-U: PN

S _ M U _ L / _ D A _ S

A.J. got the right legendary person of SAMUEL ADAMS: 447 more words


Wheel-Of-Fortune Is Coming To Houston

I am losing my mind right now because I’ve always wanted to go on Wheel of Fortune. Seriously, my entire life it has been a dream to be on the show and take my shot at the wheel and the money and the puzzles. 128 more words


Wheel Of Fortune Tryouts Coming To Houston

Have you ALWAYS wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune like Lauren Kelly’s Dad.

Talking about favorite game shows as kids, which was yours?

234 more words

"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/25/17

$1K T-U: F&G

R _ _ _ N G / I N

A / _ W A N / _ _ A T

Katie’s incorrect… 434 more words


THE RETURN TRIP - Episode 180

THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 180

…Scott Walker mentioned that his daughter is looking for a way out of “Toilet Paper Politics” in Wisconsin…

Candidate Crippen has already set the… 332 more words

Science Fiction

"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/24/17

$1K T-U: Phrase

_ I C _ E D

A _ _ S _ _ E

Steve, that solve of yours was literally WICKED AWESOME… 423 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/23/17

$1K T-U: L

H _ R _ _ _ D

Y _ _ _

Billy has solved HARVARD YARD:

Billy Verginas (Hudson, NH): Telecomm. worker by day who just got into doing theater; his girlfriend’s Alisha… 400 more words