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Mid-Week Tangent: over-analyzing Wheel of Fortune

Have you ever discovered that you have a completely useless skill set for everyday life? I have. I am outstanding at hangman. I see words quickly. 604 more words

"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 9/20/17

$1K T-U: Thing

A / _ _ O D

_ _ _ _ _ ‘ _ / _ L _ E P

Alison said she had… 455 more words


The Number Ten

The Wheel of Fortune continued

by Tony Willis    

The Trump cards used to illustrate Papus’s The Divinatory Tarot have geometric figures on them up to and including Trump 9, The Hermit. 1,340 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 9/19/17

$1K T-U: Place/Same Letter

_ _ I V A T E

_ _ T I O

Anthony strikes first blood w/ PRIVATE PATIO:

Anthony Giordano (NYC): Financial services worker for 13 yrs. 493 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 9/18/17

$1K T-U: Place

A / _ R _ A T

L _ _ A _ I O N

Jef makes the opening solve of A GREAT LOCATION… 445 more words


Stefon Diggs Sports 'Wheel Of Fortune' Cleats In Sunday's Game

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It looks like the Vikings’ star wide receiver might have a favorite game show.

Stefon Diggs wore a pair of custom cleats in Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh Sunday featuring many WCCO viewers’ favorite game show — Wheel of Fortune! 156 more words


Lady Luck & Dame Fortune

by Tony Willis    

The divinatory meanings for Trump 10 in the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune, are standard and compact. The words ‘Change’, ‘Luck’, ‘Fortune’ and ‘Destiny’ occur time and time again over the centuries. 2,277 more words