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"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/4/16

$1K T-U: LTs

_ E D W _ O D

T _ E E _

Jeff doesn’t get stranded within the REDWOOD TREES. Let’s see who they chose to play tonight: 423 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/3/16

$1K T-U: Thing

_ P E C T _ C U _ A R

_ K _ L I N E

Tony doesn’t see it, but Emily does- the… 477 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 5/2/16

Technically, this is the 2nd of the Great American Cities Wks., because the Big Money one from two wks. ago saluted Las Vegas.

$1K T-U: Place… 458 more words


This "Wheel of Fortune" contestant thought he won when he had every letter -- there was one big problem

During a 2014¬†episode of “Wheel of Fortune” one college student proved that even if you fail, fail and fail, you may end up in the winner’s circle. 149 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/29/16

$1K T-U: OtM

R E D / _ O C K

C _ _ _ _ _

Jack finds the RED ROCK CANYON. Info time on these peeps: 451 more words


Contorno's Wheel of Fortune

A quick and dirty history of the wheel of fortune:

(This is by no means a comprehensive look at the topic.)


While the precursor to the Wheel of Fortune appears in Pre-Christian civilization, the concept that has been popularly perpetuated is that of 6th century Roman philosopher, … 765 more words


NaPoWriMo, Day 28

The Wheel of Fortune from the Mythic Tarot was the prompt for this poem. (Click here to see the card.)

Three spinsters

My mother taught me to spin… 41 more words