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"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 2/24/17

$1K T-U: Place

H _ _ _ _ _ _ C

_ _ G H _ _ _ _ S E

I didn’t know San Diego has a… 457 more words


#44 Life - 'The Wheel of Fortune'

Probability plays a huge part in our life – probably. Humans like to think, in their arrogance, that they are in full control of their own decisions, when in reality we are very easily led and easy to manipulate. 563 more words

Mental Health

"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 2/23/17

$1K T-U: LTs

S _ _ / _ _ _ _ S

Cathy solves SEA LIONS w/ only the S’s:

Cathy Smelser (Fallbrook; orig. from England): Married to Pete for 17 yrs. 455 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 2/22/17

$1K T-U: Place

A M E _ _ C _ ‘ S

_ _ N _ S T / _ I _ Y

At least in this show’s opinion this wk., San Diego’s… 469 more words


Earth Needed Kelly: Why One Wheel of Fortune Contestant Deserved an "A"

There are times when the world needs to be wiped of the muck and the murk, the shit and the storm, swept clean of the rotten banana peels of political opinions—that are soooo damn slippery—and worrisome grief that causes murmurs around the water cooler and valet parking areas to the likes of “Oh fuck, what now?” Yes, as Cousin Eddie would say, there are times when the shitter, proverbial and/or Ferguson, is obviously full. 1,303 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 2/21/17

$1K T-U: LTs

G _ _ _ / W H A L _ S

Paul’s response of GIANT WHALES is a letter too many.

G _ A Y / W H A L E S… 436 more words


Was Vanna White Fired From "Wheel Of Fortune?"

Sometimes it amazes me how social media works.  There are stories that were put into the “world wide” web years ago, and suddenly and inexplicably they become news in what appears to be an  316 more words