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"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/21/17

$1K T-U: OtM

M E _ _ _ O / C _ _ Y

Mike, we say si for MEXICO CITY:

Mike Bowers (North L.A.; has lived all over the nation): Does karaoke… 384 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/20/17

$1K T-U: OtM

C _ P _ / _ O _ N

_ O U T _ / _ _ _ I C A

Larina doesn’t say it right off, but does get… 399 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/19/17

$1K T-U: OtM

_ A N _ _ _ K

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ D

Deanna solves BANGKOK, THAILAND pretty quickly:

Deanna Jacoby: Residential interior designer who recently got engaged atop Machu Picchu (her grandfather & two uncles all appeared on this GS before she was born) 366 more words


Wheel of Fortune Auditions are Happening Again Here in the DFW

The Wheelmobile is heading back to the DFW area.

Have you ever wanted to be on a game show? Can you solve the Wheel of Fortune puzzle from your couch? 871 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/18/17

$1K T-U: OtM

_ _ _ R O

_ _ _ P T

CAIRO, EGYPT is the proper place that Tom had to say:

Tom Iland (Santa Clarita): CPA who gives speeches about autism & enjoys riding roller coasters… 433 more words


"WHEEL of FORTUNE" 4/17/17

$1K T-U: Things

C _ A R G _ R S

& / A _ A _ T E R S

Jessi can’t quite solve those. 498 more words


Wheel of FortuneĀ 

The modern wheel of fortune is reserved

For people who are able & willing

To this evil, venal system preserve

Though it is the only planet killing