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New video: Wheel of Fortune from Tsubasacon 2015

Hi, remember me?

Sorry about the lack of updates. Things have been insanely busy about the Greggo household of late, as I gear up for next year and resurrect my old online business (trading card game players rejoice!), I haven’t had a whole lot of activity around here. 33 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Wheel of Fortune and The Devil

Things are getting a bit brighter – there’s a feeling that the wheel is starting to turn in your favour, and that you’re no longer being held to ransom or used in ways you can’t fight. 27 more words


November 18, 2015: The Andalite's Gift

I don’t get up until nine. That’s good for extra sleep, but it’s awful for catching up with DVR’d shows. I watch a new, very awesome Flash. 452 more words

Wheel of Fortune

Biddy Tarot Newsletter

The wheel is turning once again in your favour and you’ll find that you’re blessed with good luck and good fortune. Cherish this positive energy and make the most of it while it is within reach. 53 more words

Card Meanings

Gratitude: Days 1- 5

Day 5: November 20, 2015

Today I am grateful for the computer.

It’s funny how important computers have become in our lives. I remember when we first got a computer when I was in middle school. 1,125 more words

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Makes Bizarre Letter Choices & Actually Wins -- Watch

A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant has stunned after making the weirdest guesses on the final speed round, and still coming out a winner! Pat Sajak and Vanna White have never seen a player like this! 322 more words

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