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Frank Herbert's 'Dune,' Intro; Or, Why I Think Everything Means More Than It Does

In order to talk about all that I want to know, I must first reveal my ignorance about everything.

For instance: I did not originally read Dune in order to read Dune. 1,590 more words


The Wheel of Time

I’m picking a big one for my first review. Go hard or go home, isn’t that what they say? I took on the challenge of reading Jordan’s Wheel of Time series well over a year ago, and I’m just finishing book ten of fourteen. 936 more words


Better. Stronger. Faster.

To an extent, this is my Fisticuffs and Fangs post for the last few days.  But, I got into a discussion where I was beating the dead horse with my mantra that to be the more successful player with V:TES (equally applicable to other multiplayer CCGs) involves being a better player not a better deckbuilder. 3,882 more words


Drew's Wheel of Time Reread - The Great Hunt Part 2

Welcome back to Drew’s WoT reread! Today we will be covering the second part of Book Two, The Great Hunt. Going from the departure from Fal Dara to Tremonsien and the male Choedan Kal, there’s a lot of fun stuff in this stretch. 1,735 more words


Embers Falling on Dry Grass

Wheel of Time Reread Book 11 Knife of Dreams

I haven’t touched a Wheel of Time book since about five days after A Memory of Light… 1,714 more words


Harriet McDougal Allegedly Lied About Not Knowing Anything About The 'Wheel Of Time' Pilot

On Tuesday, we provided a brief explainer about the rights issues behind that incredibly awkward Wheel of Time pilot starring Billy Zane that aired on FXX at 1:30 a.m on Monday. 477 more words


I Want To Stop Time So I Can Read More

Good morning, Brie. It’s Friday.

It feels like a personal affront that I had to leave the house this morning when I have only a few pages left in “ 467 more words

Real Life