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It wasn't the beginning, it was a beginning

I’ve already written about how my dad encouraged me to read the Wheel of Time series, and how the novels I read inspired me to write my own series. 1,649 more words


Book V - done

Jer and I have rolled through Book V of the Wheel of Time series. Damn. I’m still surprised we are where we are. I’ve tipped my hat in this direction before, but if you’ve never read the Wheel of Time and you’re into fantasy and terrific writing, you’d be in for a treat. 26 more words

Fantasy and Pluralism: Unpacking the Religious Sources of The Wheel of Time

By Andrew D. Thrasher, ThM

One of the best Fantasy series produced in the last 50 years, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s The Wheel of Time… 2,870 more words

Crossroads of Twilight: WoT Reread

While I’m listening to this, but only when I’m in the car, and finishing the last few pages of TDT, I’m thinking about moving on to some Tad Williams next. 41 more words

Epic Fantasy

Magic Systems 101: Pt. 5 Create Your Own Magic System

This is the fifth and final part to the Magic Systems 101 presentation notes. The original presentation was given at the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance Writer’s Conference held on Sept 9th, 2017. 919 more words

Concept Creation

Ta'veren Tales

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

It’s cold tonight. The snow crunches underfoot with each step. The trees sway and creak amidst a steady northern wind, groaning against the movement given their frozen limbs.

1,121 more words
Short Stories