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Square Footage Miracle

It wasn’t the most stylish way to move thirty-some pieces of framed work, but it was the most efficient. Three suitcases, one very large, one medium sized, and one small, along with one canvas bag, did the trick. 182 more words

Wheel Throwing

Pining for Porcelain

Lately I’ve been considering trying to work with porcelain. The translucent characteristic of this clay body lends itself to all sorts of outcomes. It’ll be trial and error for a while I’m sure, but therein lies the joy. 45 more words

Wheel Throwing

Know what you want to make

Continuing the preface section of the blog that will deal with the “mental game” of pottery. w

Often while I am teaching novice students (ones that have been throwing long enough to know the basics of how to make shapes) I’ll hear the frustration in their voice about how they make the same shape over and over. 433 more words


It's Been a Busy February!

I know, February isn’t over yet but it’s been a busy month! Check out what I’ve been up to:

I Learned to Cable

This is really exciting for me, because I’ve wanted to learn this technique for a long time but it intimidated me. 519 more words


There is no magic bullet

Before I get into the hard and fast techniques of pottery, there will be a series of posts dealing with what I would call “ 400 more words


Pottery tips, tricks and techniques

So this is my first bog entry which will be dedicated to ceramic education. To clarity who I am, here is a little background on me that I share with my weekly 1 day workshop class at… 359 more words


Alphabet Eww...

For some time now, I have wanted to create “alphabet soup” bowls.  You take alphabet pasta and push it into the clay.  After firing in the kiln, the pasta incinerates leaving its imprint behind. 314 more words