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Wheelchair vs Prams

The UK have a new ruling to prioritise Wheelchairs over Prams on buses. Well firstly thank goodness I never get a bus. So Mr Pualley has spend 5 years of his life so that bus companies would have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users. 318 more words

Silly Ribbon Head

Because I’ve been cranky all week my sister decided that I needed to be a bit silly when I got home from school today.

I think she’s right.

Cerebral Palsy


wheelchairs – Foldawheel PW-999UL as the lightest power wheelchair in the world, is our first model of lightweight foldable power wheelchair created in 2012. Over the years we have been upgrading and improving the parts to meet the highest standard within this lightweight category. 20 more words

Making her Christmas even more special this year

Christmas is almost here! As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we do so as members of one body around the world. In Cape Town, South Africa, a young woman named Sinazo will go to church as she does every Sunday morning, with a smile on her face, eager to serve any way she can. 211 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

Car Transfer Aids Make Travelling Easy

Car transfer or mobility aids are an important set of products for people who take care of a disabled person or an elderly. It is quite tough for disabled and elders to move and walk, and it is tougher for the caretakers. 266 more words

Google Maps Gets More Wheelchair Friendly

Google Maps is now wheelchair-friendly. “Google Maps is now wheelchair-friendly. The wildly popular map app will now tell you whether locations are suitable for people with access needs — and it’s thanks to a group of Googlers who worked on the feature in their ‘20% time.'”

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