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Goodbye Cupcakes!

No, not “goodbye, cupcakes.” That implies that I’m never going to make or eat a cupcake again, and that would be a lie.

Recently at work, we’ve had quite a few departures. 368 more words

When Rejection Knocks You Down After You Have Had it Your Way All Along

So, I would not say that I have had it tremendously easy, nor difficult
throughout my life. For the sake of not rambling on and on and attempting 
to validate my struggles while addressing my privileges, let's just agree
to focus on a specific topic. 421 more words

F i n a l F i z z l e

Work at the University closed with the sort of sudden yet anti-climactic endings you find in foreign drama films. The movie is chugging along like normal when all of a sudden the credits appear on the screen. 808 more words

Cultural Cosas


Stay a while, friends, and I shall relate to you of The Battle of The Bug and how I ended up at home so early on a sunny Tuesday. 390 more words


People say I am fire. Some say I am Hitler. Some say I am fiery grilled chicken. Well, I say I am just a person who is free enough to have her own views. 205 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons

What if....?

What if I had not prepared for that exam that seemed so important that I said no to life. That I said no to my teenage years and early adulthood. 201 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons

When your headache doesn't go away

What do you do when your headache doesn’t go away? When that thought in your mind doesn’t leave you ever? You try walking around the swimming pool, you try breathing exercises, but nothing works. 133 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons