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Why I'm single, and it's OK.

In our lifetime we are told that Love makes us whole. We search for years and years for that perfect someone to complete us. But what happens when that “someone” doesn’t make us whole? 1,270 more words


Darkness: dream 9

This post is a test of my sanity and happiness. Just writing about my inner darkness is a trigger for my anxiety and fears. That photo was taken right before I tried to jump into the 0 degree F ocean. 252 more words


When did life ever give you lemons?

Like seriously, Who came up with this saying ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’? All I can imagine is that it’s some board housewife whose rich husband can’t quite keep up with her spending so now her credit cards have declined… And OMG you had to go and get money from the actual bank. 371 more words

Life Experiences

Life is merely a coincidence

It was merely a coincidence that out of one of the million sperms that got released that day, one of them made you. My dad would never be an engineer today, if not for a random guy in his club insulting his intellectual abilities. 114 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons

copper lemons

I wish I wrote the way I read: unforgivingly, relentlessly, visibly. I trace my fingers over letters, mouth the words, gasp and cry. I slam books shut in a way that only other readers understand. 620 more words

My Name Is Ra.

Spreading my... "Wings"

ATTN: I am still alive, despite the fact that I haven’t blogged since the middle of the summer. I am currently finishing some of my drafts, getting y’all caught up. 4,355 more words

When Life Gives You Lemons

Apple Cider Vinegar & Lemon Juice

I must admit, I’m a little OCD in the way that I do things. Once I start doing something and get into the habit then I have to do it everyday. 396 more words

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