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AIP Frustrations

When Life gives me lemons, I’m not making lemonade.  I hate lemonade.  When it gives me lemons, I’ll squeeze the hell out of them on top of a sizzling piece of fresh caught trout, and throw their deflated caracas in the compost. 487 more words

I Use To Call You Home.

It was June 2009. It rained 28/30 days. It was the four of us, a truck, a pop up …. on an island.

It worked. We survived. 190 more words

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates


The old saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” used to be so trite to me. It always seemed to be a pat answer from happy-go-lucky people who didn’t have a lot of pain in life. 85 more words

When We're Nearing The End of the Semester, and I Have 7 Exegeticals to Hand In Within the Next 3 Weeks...

At the beginning of my second semester here at APU, I thought I might be able to pull off something like:

But in reality, it looks like it’s really going to be like:


Make it Lemonade

Whatever life may throw at you, YOU decide what to make of it!


Listen To This | Jack White and Robert Plant cover Led Zeppelin's 'The Lemon Song' at Lollapalooza Argentina

By Kieran Webber

Jack White has always been known for his love of Led Zeppelin, he even starred along side Jimmy Page in the film ‘It Might Get Loud’. 50 more words