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Crying time

Subject: Argentina

What happened in Argentina is happening in America.

Please view this video.

Chilling. Could never happen here right?

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'Onward Christan Soldiers' is right OUT!

High School Band forbidden to sing ‘How great Thou art’.

By Todd Starnes

A man shows his support for the Brandon High School band in Mississippi.

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Duffle Blog: Ranger School Tradition. No Exceptions!

DuffleBlog  (Military version of The Onion)

Female Ranger Grads Going To Crush So Much Fucking Pussy This Weekend

Read more: http://www.duffelblog.com/2015/08/female-rangers/#ixzz3jVy8GxKY

FORT BENNING, Ga. — After completing one of the most grueling training programs the United States military has to offer, sources confirmed today that the first order of business for the two female graduates of Army Ranger school is to “crush tons of fucking pussy” this weekend.

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That's what I said!

Putting Black Balls in the Water Supply Not Such a Hot Idea

LA ‘black ball’ reservoir rollout potential ‘disaster’ in the making, say experts: Experts differed over the best color for the tiny plastic balls, with one saying they should have been white…

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When the Sargents walk

What’s amazing is that this came from The Washington Post.

How a massive threat to our Army may be coming from Washington

By Robert H. Scales July 31…

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Captain Justice

You Know You Live in a Conservative State When . . .

By David French — July 29, 2015
Over in Williamson County, Tennessee — just north of my home — prosecutors actually filed a motion asking the court to order a defense attorney to stop calling them “the government” in open court. 346 more words

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