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The 21 Theses of Alt-Christianity

Is It Time for a New Christian Mindset in the West?

In recent years, the Alt-Right—along with the Alt-West, Alt-Lite, and the Hard Right—has come to the forefront of the political scene. 164 more words


Pure Gold from Chaos Manor

Dr. Pournelle’s blog

His reader writes about automated vehicles

This seems to be the anniversary of an interesting event. The officers charged with beating Rodney King were acquitted.

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Doug: The Tao of Trump

A very interesting and frightening read.  (Dates from 2004, former Governor Lamm left office in 1987)

We know Dick Lamm as Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. 1,168 more words

All The News Not Fit To Print.


Michael Wolff: How Bill O’Reilly’s Scandal Exposes a Murdoch Family Divide

Last July, after Gretchen Carlson sued the Murdoch-controlled 21st Century Fox and Roger Ailes, the then-head of Fox News Channel, for sexual harassment, Rupert Murdoch told his sons, both Ailes enemies, that paying off Carlson without a fight would mean more lawsuits.

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When Progressives Attack

Love this stuff, remember it's OUR money!

Idaho’s $4.3 Million Solar Project Generates Enough Energy to Run ONE Microwave Oven

Jim Hoft Apr 4th, 2017 9:12 pm 195 Comments

Sandpoint Solar Roadways… 251 more words

All The News Not Fit To Print.