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Clean Windows, Gloria Swanson, and Me

I’ve come to the startling realization that when life gets particularly difficult, I sometimes cope by washing windows. (Full disclosure: I also cope via cookies, beer, and Netflix.) I just spent the last few hours washing interior and exterior windows plus screens, and I actually enjoyed it. 314 more words

When Things Fall Apart

A book i highly recommend by Pema Chodron. I read this on a whim one day, and throughout the first couple chapters felt uneasy yet i went on reading. 315 more words


A Little Pema for a Windy Day

I believe I’ve mentioned my aversion to wind. If not, suffice to say I do not like the blowy.
The blowy sets me on edge. I don’t enjoy listening to wind when I’m tucked into bed, I don’t like wind pushing me around when I’m running outside, and I don’t appreciate wind sucking (blowing) the life out of everything. 144 more words

When Things Fall Apart

I haven’t been around these parts in quite some time.
Part of me feels badly about that, but another part knows it was necessary.
I needed that time to hunker down and conserve strength. 195 more words

Hello Digital World!!!

After years of resistance to leave the comfy confines of my analogue world womb, I have succumbed to the pressure to finally be born into this modern digital age. 207 more words


When we stop

“When we stop

and we don’t act out, don’t repress,

don’t blame it on anyone else and also don’t blame it on ourselves,

then we meet with an open ended question… 44 more words

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