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Bless Your Art: I Can't Stop Wanting Things From Art & Soul Creative Co.

When I came across Laura Uy’s Art and Soul Creative Co. website, I was originally drawn there by a single print that I saw (which is featured below). 665 more words

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Find of the Month: The Night Sky

When he proposed. When your little one arrived. When you were given the all-clear healthwise. When you retired. When you graduated. Life is full of magical milestones that change things – usually for the better! 642 more words

Where Art Thou?

Best of the West: Show Your Provincial Pride with North Birch Grove

What It Is: North Birch Grove is an Alberta-based design shop that specializes in pieces to show off your provincial pride. From gorgeous prints on pieces of real wood… 166 more words

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Dream a Little Dream: These Canadian-Made Dreamcatchers Are Utterly Divine

What It Is: I feel like in general Canadians know what dreamcatchers are, but just in case – they’re ornamental pieces of wall art designed to ‘catch’ bad dreams and ensure only good, blissful ones make their way down to you while you’re sleeping. 173 more words

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Don't Leave Me Hanging: The Best Tool Ever for Hanging Artwork

What It Is: I used to work in an art gallery for several years, and have become a bit of a picture hanging ninja – it’s pretty rare I have to re-ding my walls with a nail. 397 more words

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WAT Ep 2| Gangster boos in Soweto: a photoseries

When fantasy and reality successfully merge, it’s a beautiful thing. Artists Rendani Nemakhavhani and Kgomotso Neto Tleane have created a photo series called The Honey… 28 more words