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The Scab-Picker

There’s a young man in one of my classes who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut, especially when he really needs to, when the moment has long died and he no longer holds his audience of peers’ attention. 653 more words


Toscanini, the Maestro

I already posted about the Maestro Toscanini here, and now I want to show you how interesting would be a visit to his house, now a museum….I’ts so weird sometimes, you live in a city you think you know well, still there are places you never saw…..we thought it was about time we cut the list shorter…. 225 more words

70 years

Thanks to all those who lost their life to ensure us a better one today.

Blossoms and blue sky

Just wanted to share these beautiful blossoms that are growing in my garden. Unfortunately, they’ve announced a serious drop in temperature and rain for the next days, so before the delicate flowers will all be gone, here’s the best of spring. 19 more words


I du brasè

No, it’s not a foreign language, just our local dialect standing for “the two embraced”…..

Actually they are Hercules and Antaeus. The legend says that Antaeus, the son of the Earth, forced passers-by to fight with him in Libya. 425 more words

Eight in the morning

Two men, one in a salt and pepper beard, both in tan caps, hooded sweatshirts and faded jeans, standing and talking and drinking coffee at the park. 280 more words

The Hudson River

Sunday dinner.....with a twist

Spring at last!

Last sunday was a beautiful, typical spring day, warm, sunny and a little windy. A., hubby’s cousin, called in the morning asking if we were free to join him, his partner and a couple of friends for dinner that nigh. 366 more words