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All by myself, part three

While walking toward the Diotti Museum, and stopping to take photo of the imposing buildings on the two sides of the Street (see my previous post on Casalmaggiore), I noticed the Duomo closing the view. 1,029 more words

All by myself, part two

I choose a little “hostaria” for my lunch, where I had some grilled meat and potatoes…..I was one of the few guests because I went in early, and I had time to enjoy my meal in total peace…. 830 more words

All by myself, ideal for new discoveries

You suddenly have a day all by yourself….your daughter has plans with her friends, and your husband is away for a football game. You ask your mom, but she’s busy with her sister, so….what to do? 819 more words

A flowery-ish street....... my street

I don’t even know if that’s a word but…..that was the impression of one of the main streets in the city center, usually crowded for shopping, but for one day, a few weeks ago, crowded with flowers….This is the street I walk along going to work when I use the bus from home…. 939 more words


12th of  May 2015 – Old Houses  (Sony Xperia)

I use to live here

For a few years

When I was in my late kidult years. 50 more words

Me A 91 Day Journey

Neighborhood welcoming committee

My (absolutely adorable) 6 year old son loves playing outside. He loves riding his scooter up and down the sidewalk on our block.

He’s super friendly. 218 more words

The Babies