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Ducale Palace

It’s one of the most taken pictures in Parma, the Ducale Palace, located in the Ducale Park in the city center, near the river. I see it every time I decide to take the park route to work, and I’ve always taken it for granted, it’s just there….One day my daughter told me that a local… 732 more words

Lizards Shooting Porno

This is the very first photo in my iPhone photo album. Kid you not. I’d taken it on my grandparents’ front steps (now my house, my front walk).

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Sanvitale fortress

It was a very strange saturday, one moment sunny and warm, the next cloudy and windy….perfect for an indoor visit. So, with my daughter and her friend L, I drove to the nearby village of Fontanellato and we entered the old district… 1,036 more words

A busy weekend

I have this friend, back from the high school times…..She’s always been the creative one, and now finally, when others (me included) just think about retirement, she instead started a new adventure…. 414 more words

Another Party

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s My Party.”

I have just graduated, I have been waiting for this to happen impatiently all this year-long, at least not for myself, but for my parents who have paid a lot of money for my education so far and have supported me all this time. 181 more words


1000 Miles

For 30 years, Mille Miglia has been bringing together exeptional personalities to the world of sport. Today, the reenactment of the Mille Miglia is an event in a class of its own. 1,662 more words