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Until Then, I will Sit

I did it. I sat through the presentation of colors, the invocation and the national anthem at a local high school game. I sat, because I love the country I live in. 597 more words

What I'm Thinking About

They're still around.

A few weeks ago, my guy was more than a little creeped out by something in my house.

Whenever he’s over, he’s up all night long due to his night shift schedule. 596 more words


What London Means To Me.

☆ Header courtesy of Google Images. It can be found on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, which is coincidentally my favourite part of London, and a 15 minute walk from my house!  679 more words


Tawny owls and precious memories: for my late grandad.

Thirty four years ago today, 17 August, 1982 my beloved grandad passed away from cancer. He’d been given the cruel news just six weeks before and a once vibrant, active and devoted family man was snatched away…just like that. 752 more words


Things Which Make Me A 'Stereotypical' British Person

‘Ello! Tip tip! Lovely weather we’re having today isn’t it? May I offer you a cup of tea and a crumpet?

Okay maybe not that… 765 more words