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Where I Started and Where I am Going

FromBrownEyes.com has been around for 3 months already! But just how far will it go? 569 more words


My Masterpiece

It wouldn’t be the usual grand display that would take breaths away
Or the beautiful sight that leaves tears in their eyes
It would just be a boy on stage in an empty theater stumbling over his own words trying so hard to communicate with an invisible crowd… 108 more words


Finding Me

There’s only about a month left in the first semester of vet school and it’s only just hitting me that I’m really here. I’ve never been one to boast, but my fear of appearing egocentric has led to never giving myself credit for what I’ve done. 404 more words

Where I'm Going

Today I Cried In Front of a Stranger... Again

In case you haven’t noticed, I cry pretty easily. I’ve always been a pretty emotional person, but it’s how I release stress, mostly. It’s easily one of the worst defense mechanisms out there and sometimes makes me feel weak, but for the most part, I’ve learned to accept it as part of me. 483 more words

Where I'm Going

Doubt and Formaldehyde

There is a reason everyone warns you that becoming a vet is the hardest thing that you’ll ever do, and it’s because it is.

During convocation, the dean got up in front of us and told us that there will be times our schooling where it feels like we don’t know anything and nothing is going right. 331 more words

Where I'm Going