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Piano Lane

Becoming a young women, I’ve started thinking about the future i have for myself. As i go to college, I plan to major in music! Hopefully i will be able to be a High School choir teacher one day!


on names

I just finished reading A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (REALLY good, by the way), and one of the characters was named Bennie, short for Beneatha.   120 more words


Strengths and Weaknesses

Choosing to become a veterinarian says a lot about you. At this point, we all know better than to go into this career for money, because it’s not going to get you rich. 415 more words

Where I'm Going

Today I Lost

Today was Founder’s Day at Delaware Valley University (previously known as Delaware Valley College). Every year, a senior is honored with the Founder’s Day Award – the most prestigious award of the college given to a student who embodies leadership and evokes a positive influence on the campus community. 313 more words

Where I'm Going

Feeding My Inner Madeline: Where I'm Going Next

One of the rite-of-passage films for all French majors and Francophiles, beyond “Amélie” and “A bout de souffle,” is “L’auberge espagnole.” Though the movie mostly takes place in Spain, it is one of the best examples I’ve seen on French bureaucracy and how studying abroad and living internationally changes you, especially how hard it is to go home after. 370 more words


Distance is Difficult

Though I’ve been told that getting into vet school is the hardest thing I’ll do, I’ve also been told by  many that long distance relationships are the hardest thing to accomplish and it will never last. 595 more words

Where I'm Going

Deciding My Future

It’s March 8th. I have 38 days to decide where I am going to vet school. And while everyone seems to think that this is a long time to make a decision, it’s not. 945 more words

Where I'm Going