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As of late..

I’ve been sewing a bit — a good-bye present to a departing postdoc and Halloween costumes for my sister’s family. It turns out that my inability to follow recipes also translates to sewing (not that there was a straightforward pattern to follow for the monster hats), so I’ve been picking and choosing from different sources and doing a whole lot of crazy stitching behind the scenes to get my final products. 86 more words


Movie Review: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, 2009, Directed by Spike Jonze

Movie Reviews

Directed by Spike Jonze
Starring: Max Records, Catherine O’Hara, Forest Whitaker, Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Dano, Chris Cooper, Lauren Ambrose… 767 more words

Is your coffee sustainable?

At the grocery store yesterday, I decided to branch out with my coffee. I prefer to buy Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, but when I looked at the bags for the frog seal, I couldn’t find any! 231 more words


How do you encourage children to read?

Another month and another Authors’ Round Robin! And this month the topic is…

How do you encourage children to read?

When I was a child I read voraciously. 1,392 more words

How palm oil hurts our orangutans

Palm oil is derived from the oil palm, native to parts of Africa, Central, and South America. It can be found in a large portion of packaged and baked goods as well as beauty products like shampoos and soaps. 428 more words


Botswana's elephants

In light of the recent mass-poaching of 87 elephants over the course of just weeks in Botswana, I decided to write an article outlining some of the context. 349 more words


On ‘Christopher Robin,’ ‘Eighth Grade’ and parents making movies about children

2/10 Oh my shitting God, they killed Christopher Robin’s parents too.

Disney’s Christopher Robin starts with the title character (Ewan McGregor, Orton O’Brien as a child) being sent to dreary, grey boarding school and necessarily abandoning his fuzzy friends that he brought to life with drawing and imagination. 1,099 more words