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Interval Training

One of the most requested features, interval training, is now available in SportyPal.

Improve your performance by including interval training in your training routine. Choose between intervals by distance or by time, however it suits you best. 47 more words

Where To Find SportyPal Pro & How To Install

SportyPal Bike Addon - Description and FAQ

The new SportyPal Bike Addon for Android and iPhone – speedometer, cadence, board computer and ANT+™ sensor support

Bikers are a special crowd and we know that. 492 more words


Do I have to buy SportyPal Pro so I can use it?

NO. You can download, install and start using SportyPal Pro right away for free. You can do workouts, upload/share them, analyze them etc. for free. However, if you like to use or test some of the pro features (Tracks, Goal, Plan and other features and add – ons) then you need to activate a free 30-day trial or you can… 31 more words


How to install (iPhone)

1.        Download directly to your phone

2.       Download from web to PC

SportyPal Pro can be downloaded… 6 more words