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Where the Magic Happens

Summer is approaching, which means my job is about to get a lot more involved. You see, not only am I a writer extraordinaire*, a freelance editor*, a voracious reader and artist*, and a very lovable blogger*, my in-laws and my husband and I own and manage a guest ranch in Colorado. 397 more words


Article about the creation of the Jump for Joy Photo Project by Eyoalha Baker in Where Women Create


I’m feeling pretty excited to have an article published in the Spring 2017 Issue of Where Women Create Business. I write about the ups and downs (pun intended) of creating a project from nothing, with noting but passion and determination to share joy around the world. 21 more words

Jump For Joy Photo Project

Saturday Morning Studio Makeover

This past Friday I read a quote in Where Women Create: Book of Organization that inspired me to give my studio a makeover.

“The Room: when you stand in the doorway and look into your very own ‘room’ it takes your breath away, make you feel calm and secure, as if you are returning home, inspire you to create whatever is your passion of the day.” 734 more words