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Quote of the day, July 6

Samuel Johnson, on knowledge

“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.”



What is it?

Where is it?

Why is it?

Who made it?

When is it for?

Answer these questions, but do not rely on the things that a pastor,laymen, or parents have told you they were, but rely on yourself to search the scriptures for the answers. 235 more words

New Perspective



Outside or in?

Outside the world,

your head,

the box?

In your world,

your head,

the box?

Only you can decide.

9ja Sex Story: My Husband’s Whore

Wunmi was bored. It was a Tuesday morning and she was in the kitchen making breakfast for her husband of one year. Oats and Akara. The same breakfast she made every Tuesday. 2,347 more words

9ja Stories

The Art of Goodbye

the art of goodbye
saying goodbye is never easy. even when it is the right thing, the thing you chose, the choice you wanted. it can be hard to let go of something you lived and loved. 349 more words



Who do you turn to when everyone’s gone? What do you say when there are no words left? When do you know you’ve had enough? Where do you hide when your thoughts go wild? 19 more words


Part 2 of Where You Can Light Up With Pride


Don’t think about it unless you are a medical marijuana patient. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational. That does not go into effect until December 18, 2015. 603 more words