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The Oscar for costume design goes to...

Colleen Atwood for Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!


Places I've Been: Before

So seeing as I have a Travel section of this blog, indicating that I like to travel and I have traveled a fair bit, I’m figuring it’d be good to document where I’ve traveled to before starting this blog and then posting an update every year? 241 more words

Inter - Be where it's @... just like our captain! Follow @Inter on a... #EsteemedElectors

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Inter – Be where it’s @… just like our captain! 12 more words

Where Have I Been?

With my last article, I had made a resolution to post more and more on this blog, but I think it is safe to say I hit a slump. 409 more words


The Video Store Chain That's Still Thriving — And They're Based In Illinois!

Once upon a time, there were actual stores that rented videos. They were stocked with hundreds of videotapes and (later) DVD’s.

You were able to pick up and read the descriptions written on the box.  120 more words


Baguio Balikan

Despite being born in a tropical country, I’m not very fond of the sun especially the heat and possibly cancerous rays that come with it. Temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius make me sweat like a pig which is annoying because I’m too lazy to take multiple baths in a day. 1,613 more words