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Russian dad dangles six-month old baby girl out of BMW window while driving

This is the shocking moment a father held his baby out of his BMW window as he drove the powerful car one-handed at high speed in Russia. 183 more words


After specifying the condition or loop in new line there must 4 white-space should be given .If the space is avoided it will throw a error indentation error. 261 more words

Sum of number series using while loop (linux shell)


while [ $i == “y” ]
echo “Enter a value”
read n
echo “Number series”
while [ $m -le $n ] 28 more words


"while" and "do-while" in Java

The while statement in Java is a loop instruction. The syntax is:

while (condition) {



So while a certain condition is met, the system will follow a certain set of instructions.

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Poem: I, too Break

I know I am strong, but I too get tired. I too, break once in a while. But that’s the difference, I only let it last a while..


21 hilarious Tumblr posts that probably should've quit while they were ahead

Congratulations readers, we’ve made it to Wednesday which means the workweek is more than halfway over, thank god.

If you find yourself struggling especially hard on this hump day, please take a break from your required tasks to enjoy these… 15 more words