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Things I've learned while travelling alone

Travelling has always been a part of human nature. In the most early days, there were nomads roaming through aboriginal grassland. Then there was the century of the explorers that captured the spirit of excitement to explore the unknown. 1,124 more words


When to Use WHILE and WHEN

Usually we use WHILE when there are two long actions. We can use progressive or simple tenses with while.

Usually we use WHEN if one action is long and the other is short, or if there are two short actions. 233 more words


Sass Variables

Variables in Sass can be seen as simple versions of symbols in Fireworks or Illustrator, or as Smart objects in Photoshop; the most basic way of making a value appear in multiple places while still being able to update it where it was defined. 588 more words


Sass control directives: @if, @for, @each and @while

Sass control directives are the cornerstone of creating libraries for reuse and distribution, and need to be among the very first items on your list of things to learn when taking your Sass skills to the next level. 851 more words


The 'texting hat' lets you keep eye contact while you're texting (video)

Introducing the Texting Hat, the latest in multitasking fashionable wear. Bringing eye contact back into the 21st Century.



Hey everyone, just to let you all know that i am going to be away for a little while, have a super cool concert today and then visiting family :D… 9 more words

Nike ad shows the honest thoughts women have while working out (video)

A new Nike campaign, aimed at women who challenge themselves, celebrates the idea that even if you fail or can barely walk the next day, you’re #betterforit.