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Are women abusing feminism to drink while pregnant?

New writer Louis Armstrong asks questions about women drinking while pregnant

As we all know we live in a country full of powerful women. Most of them I’d probably not like to see the nasty side of. 780 more words

Media And Lies

Teen Killed While Taking Instagram Selfie With Gun

Often times when I am on Instagram and I see a kid trying to “GOON UP” while taking a selfie (right a contradiction?). . . 254 more words


Java from the Scratch - Part III - Flow Control Statements

What is flow controlling? In java, statements are generally executed from top to bottom. Flow control statements are used to stop executing unnecessary statements based on decisions or to loop a block of statements based on decisions so there’s no need to code them again and again. 1,586 more words


How to save money while still leading a swell life.

The myth behind leading a comfortable life and its association with heavy spending is inhumanly exaggerated. 885 more words


Bonfire 12: Chunky Monkey

TASK: Write a function that splits an array (first argument) into groups the length of size (second argument) and returns them as a multidimensional array. 82 more words