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Sinning while fasting [does it break the fast?]

It is reported that ‘Umar – Allâh be pleased with him – said: Fasting does not mean keeping away from only food and drink, it also means keeping away from lying, falsehood, inanity and swearing . 577 more words


iMessage Users Experiencing Issues with Delivery

Today, there was a small outage for iMessage which some users experienced some issues with delivering their iMessages.

It has been a while since iMessage or iCloud have ran into a issue, but according to a growing number of users, the streak has been ended. 54 more words

Slightly more laboured victories in JavaScript

I’m stumbling more over the syntax of these different types of loops. But hey, who doesnt love Gorillaz?

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Perl %

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
print “Type a sentence of mix cases to find the words starting with Upper Case:\n”;
while ($inputline = <STDIN>)
while ($inputline =~ /\b\S+/g) … 97 more words