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Geico dares you to skip their ads... bet you can't

With the high competitive nature of ads, Geico took home the gold for the week.


Clumsy teacher completely destroys a girl's cello in the classroom

Just listen for the crunch. That’s the sound of instant regret.


Introducing the JavaScript Language - Iterating with Loops

The next stage of development Introducing the JavaScript Language is Iterating with Loops. This area covers For loops: Sequential, For loops: Enumerative and While loops.


Erykah Badu Has A #WTFasho Moment While Stuck At The Airport [Video]

Erykah Badu has a #WTFasho moment while she was stranded at the DFW airport. Erykah Badu said, “It’s hard out here for a pimp, you know,” she said before listing off the local schools with closures.“Badu’s school is open though,” she joked while grinning for the camera. 9 more words

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Java Loops - for, while and do...while

There may be a situation when we need to execute a block of code several  times, and is often referred to as a loop.

Java has very flexible three looping mechanisms. 1,002 more words


While Waiting.

Just by my poem I am leaning on good arm . So don’t you be shocked or worried of the soft nature in these words . 150 more words


2015, February 9 – 217 – apart 3

the strangest feeling (5)
I have had in quite a while (7)
I miss her so much (5)