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"1 In 4 Millennials Rely On Their Parents To Pay Some Bills – Even While Working Full Time"

Time and time again, we’ve discussed how America’s millennial generation is burdened by debt, effectively precluded from home ownership and increasingly disgruntled and pessimistic about their future prospects for… 171 more words


Loop statement in Java

          What is the loop? In programming, a loop is a control flow statement which allows for doing a procedure repeatedly. When we need to do a procedure so many times then we use loop statement. 572 more words


Beneath the mask

I feel worthless, for contradictory reasons though. I feel that pursuing my music aspirations is pointless due to no one caring about it, however, the fact is – none care for it because I hadn’t made any reasons for anyone to care. 219 more words

13. Python basics: else after while

This post is also available as a PDF or as a Jupyter Notebook

The else clause is only executed when your while condition becomes false. If you… 89 more words


10. Python basics: if, else, elif, while, and logical operators

This post is also available as a PDF and a Jupyter Notebook.

Like many programming languages, Python enables code to be run based on testing whether a condition is true. 374 more words


HTTP Service Checker

use below script to check the http links reside in  liste.txt.
you can adjust intervals between checks via adjusting sleep seconds.

while true
do… 98 more words