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Religion and xyzzy

Copyright c 2009, 2016  by Marilyn Baker

British atheists are now advertising on buses. The bus ads in the UK say “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” 838 more words

Deeper Thoughts

Shirt Sleeve Tears

How can it be
That the heart that makes you cry into your shirt sleeves
Is the very heart
You want to run to as you grieve?


Christmas shopping...

is all done.  And what could make me happier than that?

Not much!!!

Well maybe some “spiked” eggnog, some of Mom’s (excellent) Sugar Cookies and a “dream visit” from Don…those three would tie my Christmas up in a BIG… 64 more words

Out Of My Mind Images


these while searching for something else in my Kindle :)

a little too smart for his own good :)

why I no longer have a TV :) 51 more words

Out Of My Mind Images


and bobs

“hello there”

everybody needs a floating dachshund :)

love cries

she doesn’t look particularly sad, so maybe it’s happy tears


the candle burns (yearns) for world peace… 16 more words


These are a few of my favourite things...

If you’re anything like me, you have a few things in your closet that are your “go-tos”. Your saviour when nothing else feel or looks good. 269 more words


A Brilliant Mind


Nicholas Brancati is a talented Canadian artist with a brilliant mind and an eye for  detailed design. When he graduated from Art and Design University he fulfilled a personal dream to start up his own company. 375 more words