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May Percival Preen A Bit? Just a bit?

Is Percival allowed to preen a bit? Just a little bit?

Well, while the young pig knows that he will get some really awful reviews of the book from time to time, and that this is a part of the game, it really made him feel a bit chuffed to see that the first review that he received on Amazon is a five star. 117 more words


Vase full of colour

Vase full of colour;
a gift of love and laughter –
may the fun begin.


Stuff 2: The Backstory

Just over a year ago, I was on my way to de-stuffifying my condo.  I had made excellent progress.  Here’s a short history of how I came to be in this current predicament: 508 more words

Cat Art

The New Dentist

I visited the dentist on Friday.

A new one. The old one had retired – made too much money presumably. Now, it’s always tricky breaking in a new one – persuading him or her that you don’t really want anything doing and that, if there’s anything not quite right, ‘watchful waiting’ is perhaps the best course of action at this stage. 58 more words

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Older doesn’t always mean wiser, my grandfather once said. Sometimes it just means older. –  ©2016 Brian Andreas – posted with permission.

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It's Not the Heat ...

Heck, it is the heat (and the humidity). That’s southern Ontario for you; one week there’s frost warnings and the next, it’s a steam bath ! 314 more words