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as bad (A Poem) as it seems

It seems I am at a loss lately
Half poems
Half truths
Half me
It seems I dream of what I’m not
Full head
Full fool… 47 more words


Sunday Funnies... A Review...

It’s me…. Checkers… Sorry we’ve been gone so long…. You know it wasn’t our fault.  Nope.  HH (fondly known as Lou) was off earning treat money for Bugsy and Knuckles.  269 more words

Cat Art

We are Silhouettes!

I’ve been trying to take photographs of the flocks of fieldfares that seem to be everywhere here now, but they are a nervous bunch and fly off well before I am in range. 523 more words


Street Chic: New York

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An oversize bloom adds feminine whimsy to a psychedelic black ensemble

Photo: Kelly Stuart

Think you are Street Chic? E-mail us your photo and you could appear in ELLE.com’s Street Chic Daily. 6 more words


A box filled with things everyone thinks you should have done – this only weighs a lot if you’ve forgotten to do the things you wanted to do all along. 24 more words


Turkey Cult concerns ....

Look at those slackers!” I said to Le Chef pointing at a picture of WandA grinning on a Palm Springs golf course in the sun. 251 more words


addendum to time travel isn't inherently gay

and which


from  the past

(or maybe even future? its fucking time travel, man–there are possibilities here we have not yet even begun to dream of) 37 more words