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The Mermaid . . .

Everyday she swam up to the surface.  She ventured as close to the shore as she dared and took refuge behind rocks.  Not to far away, on the beach, were people.  172 more words


Late Night Word Play

I want to be a warrior for whimsy, a flighty fighter,
a Wilde winning Oscar flaunting the firmness of flimsy.


Peanut Butter and Jelly

I finally made a PB&J in the ECV dining hall! Up to this point, a sign reading: “When getting peanut butter, PLEASE spread on a plate rather than on bread. 195 more words


Connections: March 23.17

Did you ever have the feeling

that you were being watched?

That you’d best not sneak that pastry

or leave that crossword botched?

You can summon up its form… 32 more words


We Got That Fever Catching On

I’ll hold you back

If the fever strikes

But rest assured

That these nights

Shall be mellow

As softest daisy

Cease all sorrow

For rose reverie… 57 more words


Starting with Squash......

Took this photo when we were happily wandering through an Indian grocery store the other day. It looks a bit like some type of squash, but it was unmarked, so I’m not sure what it is.  22 more words


"On This Day" Repost - The Ginger Jar

Facebook has one good feature, (don’t get me started on how many BAD features it has), in that it gives you the “blast from the past” in it’s “On This Day” feature.  209 more words

Words With Intent