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A Little Festive Whimsy

What’s lovely about Christmas is the way people interpret their celebrations differently. There’s a skeleton frame work that has been passed down from generation to generation, harking back to cultural legends, but enter someone’s house at this time of year and you’ll find their own personal style. 273 more words


My Camera & My Chai: The Line

Now, I want to show you a line. It is essential for all of you who have forgotten all your junior schools mathematics.

Behold – the line… 382 more words


The Gift of You

When you start to crack open, don’t waste a moment gathering your old self up into something like you knew before. Let your new self splash like sunlight into every dark place & laugh & cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the gift, because now you have no choice but to let all your love spill out into the world. 34 more words


#AdventWord #Play

I have to admit it, I’m a bit of a decorating geek when it comes to Christmas. I love this season of getting ready. It just makes me so happy. 227 more words

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