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A Mossy and Muddy Sightings

I was seeking for something bigger and challenging when I went to my 2nd solo climb at Mt. Purgatory as my year- end climb. And yet again, the mountain, trees, weather and its muddy soil taught humility. 290 more words


No More Shadows

A thousand feet scurry past.

Have you ever paused to appreciated a foggy night? The gentle caress of nothing across your skin?

Or smiled as the rain washed away the scurrying? 70 more words


Red Balloon

Sometimes it would be nice to just float away with your best bud…wouldn’t you agree?


The Wordplay Quip by Dennis Allen Lange

Some humor is not quite as funny.
It’s salty, not sweet as pure honey.
…It’s whimsy and wit,
…And some laugh a bit
For… 27 more words


Evolution of a Jigsaw Puzzle Addict

This essay first appeared in the Montrose Mirror in 2013. I’ve been addicted now for almost four years, and I still can’t wait to start the next one.  1,461 more words

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Machine age.

Once we were hunters.
Once we were gatherers.
Once we worked to live.
We had no choice.

Once we were free.
Once we were slaves. 59 more words


Perfection (A Short Story)

Another one from the archives. 2008, to be exact.


The fact that the whole of humanity had lived for this did not trouble him in the slightest. 1,058 more words