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udder nonsense

cloudy crazed cacophony crams cranial capacity

thoughts slide and meld

mold, melt, and moult

clarity clearly gone

done gone been and woebegone

wow the woe… 262 more words

Canadian Poetry

Vast - no picture

How do you capture it
In a picture
With a camera.

Riding along
To the east the Great Dividing Range
Stretching the length of eastern Australia… 85 more words


Brady Shrugged, or The Pressurehead



The pinhead running the NFL is engaged in exceptionalism. That is, he attacks exceptional people. He himself is so banal and ordinary that we suspect he is using PEDs to improve his performance. 213 more words


Tomato Theatre

* For anyone unfamiliar with “Jersey Tomatoes,” they are the deepest red, densest, beefiest, most delicious fruits of their kin. Grown only in New Jersey, of course! 95 more words


Leaves and crickets

I recognize that ivy!

No, ivy all looks the same.

The foliage in my eyes has come and gone

And come again.
Living in a swaying plain of monolithic grass… 37 more words


You Won't Believe These Top Tips Comedians Don't Want You To Know

Comedians! Still need some last-minute material for your Edinburgh Festival show? Well, I’ve got some ideas that might just help you get that elusive slot presenting a ‘Funny Internet Videos’ show on E4 this time next year! 1,063 more words


ROTHENBURG, the Most German of German Towns

Do you remember how I thought that Tallinn was the most whimsical place ever? Well, Tallinn has nothing on Rothenburg, which should be in the running for the title of “Real Life Town That Looks the Most like It Just Dropped Out of a Disney Fairy Tale.” 258 more words