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I wish I was an identity 

I find it amusing when I hear somebody described as an “identity” on the radio or TV and have often wondered what it would be like to be considered one of those…… 139 more words


Tales from the Sandpile

My parents installed a sandpile in our yard shortly after we moved to Newton. We’ve been there ever since. The sandpile has been heavily used. Every few years my parents have to pay a small fortune to refill the sand, as countless floods, yard projects and feet have carried the sand to parts unknown. 981 more words


Lovers Politics?

I’m going to start a new party.
I will call it Cynical Bastards R Us.
It’s not going to be about politics.
It’s just going to be about love. 68 more words


Being Erica

Being Erica used the trope of time travel in a whimsical tone to explore the life and mishaps of Erica Strange. I felt a great affinity for the protagonist, loved the fact it was set in Toronto and was impressed by dynamic female characters and a cracking representation of the LGBT community. 607 more words

Rosy cheeks - #haiku 

Fresh air and sunshine,
the breath naturally deepens -
roses form in cheeks

Haiku and photo by Stephanie Mohan – March 2015


Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE - The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles 3/29/15


When people come to see HH at the condo, it is our job to meet and greet.  Our main goal, of course, is to make them feel welcome. 207 more words