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While you were sleeping.

While you were sleeping I was rising.
When you turned over and cuddled the pillow
I was on my way to work.
As you settled into a dreamless sleep I started my wagon. 164 more words



Not red
but rubies and cherries
and a third glass of wine
and rogue lipstick with
lots of kissing on
a Saturday night.

Not yellow… 197 more words


NWW Photo Prompt ~ Long Lasting Fruit Flavour

Welcome to the September 1st, 2015 edition of the NWW Photo Prompt!

The New West Writers Photo Prompt is a twice-monthly challenge for writers of all genres. 311 more words


Happiness lives - #photopoetry

Happiness lives….
in the
most ordinary
house in the village;
in the dullest
of moments;
in the second
it takes to
the presence
of a friend;

29 more words

The End is Near, Deflate-gaters & Deflate-haters

DATELINE: The Bell Tolls

We are at the deathbed of Deflate-gate and praying for a peaceful end. We have seen extreme unction anointed daily on the foreheads of deflated egos. 273 more words


Temptations of the flesh

“I know what you want.” His voice was a soft whisper in her ear. “Sooner or later the things that you bury inside will rise to the surface.” 149 more words

Second Life

Just a little Narwhal

Today I got some new buddies to play with. I spent a lot of time in my bed room playing with them and giving them each a name. 152 more words

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