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A Little...

Literally… I have the A square and little square done and attached. Now I’m back to working on little black squares for a bit. I’ll possibly take another break from them this week to do another word square.


NsVs aeiou:v.iv

When negativity left,

All positivity reigned,

There was no one to blame anymore.

Peeps got bored so much,

They rioted,boycotted, and chanted “Change”

So positivity did become its own negativity. 29 more words


NsVs vs NmBs .442

Reverse the verses which that line in any psalms of what my past keeps

Hammering me on any of those lessons that wasn’t even a mistake. 45 more words


Impossible Things

I like to imagine impossible things, because when I only imagine possible things, I pretty much see stuff I already expect to see. – Impossible Things… 30 more words


•{ Not your average . . .

It’s really quite simple
I’m not asking for a lot
Just take me by the hand
Show me what’ve got.

I’m not your average lady… 42 more words


Don't believe everything a machine tells you

One of my bookkeeping clients received the following missive from the Canada Revenue Agency:

Re: Source deductions arrears
      Balance:  $0.00

Thank you for your recent payment of $-,—.–. 96 more words


Is technology dehumanizing us?

The Machine Stops, by E.M. Forster depicts a future age in which technology is able to supply all our needs. People live in individual underground compartments, all their needs are supplied by the all-encompassing machine at the push of a button. 533 more words