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Sam's Untitled Message to Cousinfucker

I’ve been sitting on this one because I wrote it a few months ago and a lot has changed since it’s inception. Sadly, I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping up with my blog so enjoy! 2,737 more words


Republicans Have Success Using Democrat Playbook

If there’s one thing democrats hate more than anything else, it’s their playbook being used against them. When that happens, their hypocrisy is right in your face, they whine and cry and throw temper tantrums until you remind them that what happened was a democrat tactic that was used against them. 492 more words


Rant: Finally, Election Day! Get through today and tomorrow we just have to deal with whining supporters of those that don’t get elected claiming election fraud!

Don’t be shy about it, we all feel the same way, we know it is going to happen and we know we have to settle in for another two years of whining from the extreme ends of politics about how the election was stolen from them and their candidate of choice. 346 more words


Another Round of Bullshit To Be Refuted

Sam sure does love her some memes! I’m always trolling Pinterest for something fun. Sometimes I use my investigative talents for good, like when I made this darling Valentine’s Day advent calendar. 2,477 more words

Poor Little OW

I came across the comments section of an OW’s blog. Shocker- she was alone on Valentine’s Day and hoping for a shout out from her married man. 649 more words



He has a way with words, doesn’t he? The above title was what he wrote in his comments section upon finally paying me half of his court ordered spousal support this month. 819 more words