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i'm gonna make this place your home

i’m sitting here kind of just staring at my computer screen wondering where my voice went. i remember when i couldn’t shut up to the point that i was sure i was so annoying people couldn’t stand me. 1,166 more words

Some travel whining in lieu of content

Warning! Travel whining!

It’s been a rough Thanksgiving! We spent the holiday in Scottsdale, which was pleasant and sunny, but other aspects of the holiday went awry. 307 more words

Follow Your Bliss

You might be wondering why it is I’m home on a Monday morning.  Well, I have a very special announcement to make (trumpets sounding):  Today is the first day in my new role as a part-time employee at my wonderful school.   632 more words


Squeeze Me, Make Me Whine

Years ago, when I was working in the kitchen at a nursing home, I was putting some cans away (I think they were peaches) when I hurt my right lower back. 268 more words


Too much stuff

Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Food, family, fat-pants! And I’m already itching to get on the road again. But this layover is necessary for more than Thanksgiving reasons. We needed to address all the issues that our shakedown cruise has shaken loose. 482 more words

Living Life


Nem volt elég egy megfázás, áh, az úgy olyan snassz, kellett még egy gyomorvírus is mellé. Gyógyuljak meg úgy, h joghurton, abonetten és főtt krumplin kívül semmit se tudok enni, és a kajának még a gondolatától is hányingerem van, szuper. Pont ez hiányzott…