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Is this your day off or... ?

so i ran a couple errands earlier before it got hotter than satan’s sweaty balls and there was this new kid that waited on me. notice that i said New Kid. 163 more words


Good old-fashioned blog- and saleswanking, plus some whining

First day of fall today, supposedly.  Not that I could tell; it was goddamn near 90 outside, the hottest day in weeks.  We’ve had a couple of mild summers in a row around here, which is good since I’m incapable of handling heat. 540 more words


I think of all the things I want to write about constantly, thinking that I’ll start doing it after this, after that, and then I don’t do it. 732 more words


hot bloggity damn!

yeah, i’m bored. i started blogging again over on wordpress.com. so you have fair warning. :-)

since i don’t like to whine too much (stop laughing!) you may not know i’ve been on medical leave since july 11th. 347 more words


I Wear Odd Socks

I am not a superstitious person. In fact, I have little belief in anything really, other than the tangible in-your-face kind of fact. However, there are a few things that, as an Irishwoman, I buy into. 234 more words


"Miss Vocal" [Episode 15]

Firstly, just a call out to my new WordPress followers and those folks who have liked my posts “THANK YOU!” I will catch up with all your blogs this week, and return the favours. 2,342 more words