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Jim Harbaugh Does Not Find Whining Attractive

Question of the day: Does anyone find whining to be attractive? Just curious.

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) February 10, 2016

Jim Harbaugh’s Twitter thought of the day is a thought-provoking one.

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Winter's back!

I have 1,000,010 things to do today, and the first of them is to deal with this

So I’mma go get started on that, I guess.


tl;dr: blaaaaaaargh

Does it count as progress if I’ve applied for a job at a place where I know some people and those people have repeatedly talked me up to the boss as someone who would 1) be exceptional for the position they’re looking for and 2) fit in well with the mix of other personalities at the office, but that due to the vagaries of the hiring process there is virtually  532 more words


David Had to Wait Too

David was a just a 15 year old kid just being who he was in the middle of nowhere.

Then SUDDENLY he is anointed king over Israel. 315 more words


The Search for Excruciating Joy

The closer I get to retiring the less I want to go to work.  It’s hard when you are a relatively short timer.  This morning was particularly difficult.  336 more words


I was gonna

I was gonna go on about my dreams that have been so vivid and about work and how I can’t stop obsessing about either work or the past but I realized I’ve been negative on her a lot lately so decided not to go into details. 57 more words

To Drink, or not to Drunk.

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good morning, (or night depending on your side of the equator). So I’m assuming by my not so subtle title that most of you know you’ve just entered the court appointed AA portion of the blog. 302 more words