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Work Sucks and then You Die (pt. 1)

Take in a big whiff, wherever you are. Do it right now.

Maybe you’re smelling the bittersweet aroma of coffee. Maybe it’s the B.O of the guy on the train who’s sitting just a little too close to you. 917 more words


Like Any "Whine" With That?

Are you a complainer?  Come on, ‘fess up.

Your dinner’s too cold, the weather’s too hot, my bed’s too hard, you hate it when the dogs bark, they have a better car than I do.  665 more words

Jeffrey - Cerebral Palsy

My View on the Modern Planets (and Human Nature, Too)

Last night on social media was kinda interesting.  Not too long ago, one of my favorite traditional/Hellenic astrologers Chris Brennan whom I follow on Twitter retweeted the following: 2,686 more words


The "I" Wants It

When you hear “I” at the beginning of a sentence, chances are your child is about to be a little rude. In this third installment to… 103 more words


Catch up on Simple Intentional Parenting

Thanks so much for being part of our listening community in the past few weeks. We are excited to see our followers grow as our content is added. 148 more words



there’s a place deep inside that continues to cry out for more…it moans, groans and whines when it’s empty and alone…what is that place?  why does it hurt so much when it’s not fulfilled? 220 more words