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Day Jobs.

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job to be a writer full time?


But then you see a link like the one below and you remember that we all need to make a living, and we all have twenty four hours in a day in which to do everything… So stop whining and making excuses and just get on with it. 7 more words

A Reminder Of Why It's Nice To Be Nice

I am too porous a person. I tend to take on the mood of the people around me, often to my detriment. But I was listening to Invisibilia (a new NPR podcast) recently and heard… 787 more words


Hierarchy of Agonies

Of course there is one. My back hurts, I rank it a legit, understandable pain. My left knee hurts I rank it as legitimate-I-guess but also unwarranted, knee, settle down. 360 more words

Ehler's Danlos

It Takes a Village. Where's the village?

My husband and I are drowning.

We’re being sucked under by a tidal wave of sick kids, pummeled by a tsunami of fake tears.

It’s a rip current of bad attitudes, wave upon wave of time-outs. 887 more words


It's No Wonder...

The adage says if you have nothing nice to say, then shut up. There is a reason for that.

I was appalled last night when a friend posted the blog post by Curt Schilling, revealing the disgusting tweets he witnessed in response to his proud papa moment for his daughter. 325 more words

Hoooo boy

Or, maybe one does simply just stop eating sugar. I’ve noticed this before, when my eating goes off the rails, everything else does too. More than half of the blog posts I’ve started writing since the beginning of last month are still drafts. 237 more words


In which I provide good news and then gross you out

Okay, maybe I’ll gross you out immediately, because you have to look at this picture before you get any context. Bear with me.

It is possible that you may remember my blog post entitled… 1,029 more words