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Not Doing Anything

Not doing anything
is tempting
even when there are deadlines
because what fun are deadlines
without panic
and despair
and that one shining moment
where you throw yourself down… 102 more words

Day 11 of the Whole 30 Challenge - Recovering From a Fall

Here I am on day 11 of my Whole 30 Challenge, eating pork chops and eggs while I write to you. If I’m actually hungry enough after I finish this, I’ll have some cantaloupe, but I’m betting I won’t have any room. 364 more words

Whole 30

#Weekendcoffeeshare: Orange juice edition

If we were having coffee, I’d be chasing it with orange juice, and probably not enjoying the combination all that much.  My students went through half a fracking box of tissues in class yesterday, and one girl and one co-worker in particular may as well have had spigots attached to their noses for the majority of the day.   252 more words


More stories from the second week of school

Today started and ended rather poorly, with some not-bad shoved in the middle.  I had a moment of pure assholery from one of my anger management cases when the simple act of saying “good morning” less than a minute after walking into the building earned me an eye-roll and preadolescent stomping away.   561 more words



Merrrrrrrhhhh, I know I already used this gif before (and I think that title, too), but I need it today, guys. All right, this is going to be a whiny post that has nothing to do with writing or reading or any of the fun stuff… (You’ve been warned)… 1,068 more words


Sweet Summer Time

I can’t believe my vacation is already ending as quick as it has begun. This time away from work has made me realize how much I miss being back in Kitsap. 381 more words