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Preposterous Profile Propagation Perils

Question:  “Is it advisable to migrate Windows user data when refreshing or replacing their computer?”  This was asked in the context of two scenarios: 512 more words


15 Things that Bug Me this Halloween Season

So, I have been trying super hard not to be a “Negative Nancy” on social media, but sometimes I can’t help but to roll my eyes… 318 more words


Oh the whining

Uh… Man, you’re gonna lose. I mean, yuge. Hundred percent. Surprisingly, it comes down to the whining. People can forgive a lot of sins, all kinds, the really big ones. 27 more words

Donald Trump

Defiant Trump Vows To Continue Whining

If I heard him right, Donald J. Trump has slapped away President Obama’s critique of his constant whining with a defiant comeback: “My whining is so beautiful and incredible. 14 more words

Information Disruption

The tyrant’s whining
Don’t look here, look there
Crawl down that
Spider stair.


In which something's gotta change

This is, I dunno, the third Thursday in a row that I’ve completely wasted.  For several weeks now my Thursdays have gone like this: wake up, take the boy to school, come back home, deliberately go to bed, wake up sometime in the mid-afternoon, and laze about for the rest of the day. 80 more words


Completely Wired

Last night I underwent a sleep study.  I have been told that my snoring could be heard from the highest mountaintops and the deepest canyons.  In a more scary note, I’ve also been told that I stop breathing in the middle of the night. 291 more words