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On Divining versus Counseling

Seems like I’m in a big mood for posting.  Lots of ideas keep popping up for writing, and so many ideas get shelved in my drafts folder.  3,753 more words


Revising - Quit The Drama And Get Started

Revising – Quit The Drama And Get Started

A Slave To My Work

Well…it feels that way.

Back from vacation…back to the old world. The dreary one I’d brainwashed myself into thinking I loved…punching the old clock…going to long, boring meetings, listening to the bosses drone on and on. 161 more words




She will whine.  That’s her morning ablution

And her afternoon’s strict constitution.

When she gets those points right,

She will whine through the night. 16 more words

Rules for white people

Rules for White People That Read My Blog

I’m always tickled when I see someone single out an ethnic minority for some reason or another.  Here, someone has decided to craft some rules for whites only.  325 more words

Merry Go 'Round


Isn’t it weird to look back at your life and notice how some things go in cycles? For example: when I was a kid I had no friends. 458 more words


Embracing Boredom, Especially for Kids

No doubt thanks to someone’s inane but much-touted childrearing advice, many parents think kids should be entertained 24/7.  Add this to the “new information!!!!!” that kids should also make decisions for which they have neither the training, maturity, nor understanding to make, and you have frustrated and unattractive children on the loose.  769 more words


I’ve posted, what, five times in all of May so far?  Something like that, and half of them were useless?  I don’t know if I’m depressed or what but I’ve just had  327 more words