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In which I pay insufficient attention to national events

I deliberately ignored the entirety of the RNC, and due to my work schedule I’m only just now tuning into a few minutes of the Democratic convention before falling into bed and dying.   157 more words



For those of you who may have seen me this morning standing at the corner of Warner Ranch Circle and Knox, wearing a crappy old t-shirt that reads SPAM and seemingly pantless holding a large bottle of wine, I would like to explain. 662 more words


It's Hot, Tempers Flare!

“Stop that!”

“You did it first!”

“When is it MY turn?”

“I’m always last!”

“These kids are driving me nuts!”

Don’t these whiny words seem all the more irritating when it is hot? 521 more words

Being A Mom

I win

It is amazing how singularly focused one becomes. In one blink every problem, every single thing I worried about, was gone and replaced by this one thing. 243 more words

In which I forget that posts need titles until after I've hit Publish

It is not as hot outside as I was expecting it to be today– which is to say, when I look outside nothing is obviously on  539 more words


In which reality and Twitter are both dumb

So seeing this tweet from Kirsten Gillibrand got me all het up at first.  There is no way in the universe that Citizens United is going to be overturned in Hillary’s first 30 days in office.   446 more words


An Unfinished Life

Today is my birthday, so it seemed like a good day to work on my obituary.  I hope I won’t need one for awhile, but it’s best to be prepared . 518 more words