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What shall we talk about?

Well, the A to Z challenge is over.  I finished it, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as the last day I missed a post was in December of 2014.   312 more words


Exercise-Induced Gastritis...

…is a thing.  A very unpleasant thing.

Thursday, March 21st I headed off to another aikido class (with after-class “surprise” birthday celebration for Marsha Turner Sensei).  123 more words


It always matters to someone. Always.

I just heard that today, April 27, is Tell a Story Day. So, in honour of that, here’s a little story-within-a-story.

Some of you reading this blog are writers and know how it feels to tell a story. 520 more words


W is for Willies

Today’s #atozchallenge was going to be W is for Work. I started writing an amusing, yet insightful, post about work and all its difficulties – the stupid targets, ridiculous appraisals, having to deal with people who are total dicks, the wasted time when I could be doing something more productive, like writing blog posts or watching reruns of Castle – but then it became so whiny, weary and woeful that I had to stop for fear of losing those hardy readers that haven’t been scared off by the  40 more words

A - Z Challenge 2016

It was just supposed to be a story...

My uncle walked into my house today and said that my aunt’s goddaughter is getting kinda famous in Hollywood. My response, “Oh really? That’s nice.” He told me her name and asked if I’ve heard of her, my response was a very “teenage-attitude”, “No.” He left my house after that and I just let him leave. 665 more words

Ezt nem egészen így képzeltem

Hű, nem is igazán tudom, h hol kezdjem. Tegnap volt a szülinapom, és mivel ilyenkor nem szeretnék userekkel és kollegákkal foglalkozni, ezért ha tehetem szabit szoktam kivenni. 633 more words


10 Tips for when it get tough

In the real world kids get tired, squabble, whinge and whine.  I live in the real world!  So what do you do if you are out riding and the kids are finding it tough going?   424 more words

Top Tips