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Still here, mostly

I don’t like single-daddery, guys.  We’re doing fine– the boy is still alive, as far as I know– but I’ve been in motion pretty much constantly since Sunday night.   274 more words


Note: July 21.

As I lie here in my bed typing whatever comes to mind, it’s the wee hours of the morning and I have a shift later in normal people hours and I want to sleep but I can’t. 313 more words


Thursday, July 20th, 2017

10.54am – Nobody panic, but I haven’t been paid yet. WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN PAID YET!?!?

10.59am – I’d grouch more about not being paid, 161 more words

A Day In The Life Of This Slogger

whoever invented bilingual layouts are bitches

Bilingual layouts are pain in the ass. and it is even worse when you have to put two very different language together side by side. eg: Chinese English. 90 more words


chicken egg hole

So I’ve been pet-sitting these chickens. I’m not so sure about chickens. There are flies everywhere, and poop. The dog eats the poop and probably the flies.   245 more words


Ann Coulter and her Right Wing Friends Allowed Airline Mergers and Now She's Whining

Poor Ann Coulter. She was a victim. The problem is that she was a victim of a plan she supported. This right wing dimwit is denying the fact that Republicans have failed the American people for more than 20 years. 522 more words

Traveling Haikus

Squashed tight spaces

Though little I am crushed

In with a baby

Babies hate stillness

Discomfort, bedlam follows

Airborne Smarties, toys

At least he’s quiet… 130 more words