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How is April almost over?!?

I really hate how, the older you get, the faster time seems to go, and the less you seem to get done. Really frustrating. I’ve been out of commission for the last few weeks, as far as meaningful artworking goes. 201 more words


A balancing act

Ok, so I’ve kind of abandoned this humble blog about the mundanity of my life.  I’d say I was busy, but it’s more… well I just preferred to spend my time screwing around and watching Netflix (totally go binge watch Daredevil you guys!) 244 more words


Back to my bouncy upbeat self!

I know it must seem that I am constantly whining sheerly due to the fact that my blog is entitles Daring to Let Go, but if everyone just takes a moment to stop and think about it, we all ‘dare to let go’ of a variety of things each and every day of our lives. 164 more words


In which I don't know where they find these people

I am either the most arrogant sonofabitch on the planet, an utter wizard at doing large-room presentations, or both, because it never goddamn fails that I  539 more words


Vague Whine Post # 94

I have the tendency to want to write a whiny post whenever life is feeling out of control for me. Which is right now. The problem is that I can never share the details, so why write about it, right? 237 more words


Hello, I am the tallest girl in the room and I've got a blog about it now.

An Introduction of Sorts
I am not the tallest girl to exist. In fact, by Tall Girl standards, I’m a shrimp at 5’11. But I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t the tallest girl in the room. 1,424 more words


I finished the duolingo Spanish skill tree and all I got was this gold owl

Have you spent countless hours on Duolingo trying to finish the skill tree? Wonder what happens when you do? Let me save you the trouble and tell you – this appears unceremoniously: 223 more words