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Fantasy Friday 8/26/2016 Minnesota Twins

The  Twins have gone from 2015 near niss  playyoff team to 2016 basement dwellers

I thought maybe the the stats would show a glaring reason why in 2015 ranked 23rdin ops at .704 this  year they  rank 13 th with an ops of .743 (ofense is beter tihs year surpising) 299 more words

#bigbinkshow 250,00.00 Worth of Tires Stolen From Dealership!!!

#bigbinkshow     Iv’e heard of dealerships losing money but this is CRAZY!! a dealership in Texas had all of the tires off their cars for sale stolen!!   15 more words

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How To: Whip Cream

Whipping cream is so easy there’s absolutely no need to buy the canned stuff. You can easily whip smaller amounts of cream with a whisk, though of course a mixer—hand-held or upright—is faster. 455 more words


Bananas for Yonanas!


As promised, I’ll write about the Yonanas soon! The Yonanas is a life-changer for me! Due to my plethora of allergies, which include milk, eggs, soy, cocunut, etc…..it makes a creamy, chilly treat quite difficult. 314 more words


Beaches and Cream

I wish that sand was edible

So on this very day

I’d roll around in brown sugar

And eat it with whipé.

(From the mind of a 7 year old)

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She Whipped him

The other night I was sitting in my patrol car in the parking lot of the police department when a call went out over the radio about a family disturbance involving a woman with a whip. 283 more words