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Hoppy Poppy

Poppy has dislocated a toe. It’s her front right paw and she seems to have had a weakness there for a while. This time she was brought up to an abrupt halt from mid-run with a yelp of pain, followed by a series of high-pitched whimpers. 173 more words

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Disagreeing with John Berger

I had an interesting conversation the other day, about art, education, etc. and, after declaring my (tongue in cheek or not) desire to become a full-time portrait painter, I was handed a book of essays by John Berger ( 1,111 more words


Still Life with Dog: an Italian Greyhound rests

It’s a hard life. Though probably his eyes are closed because there’s a camera pointed at him, again.
I’m enjoying using the Sony QX100 a lot, despite it being slow and a bit fiddly to use; I can’t get past the feeling I’ve got a great lens on my smartphone, even though it’s just an illusion. 12 more words


Pippin Goes Home

Pippin has gone home again and now there’s a whippet-shaped gap in our household.

Poppy is going to missing her racing companion. She has been looking round for her friend, but at least she has her sofa back. 37 more words

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Day #14 - Pets!

Dear Readers,

On day 14 of 30 now, and today’s topic is pets. The questions I’m going to be answering are “Do you have any pets?” and “What pets would you like to own?” so without much longer delay, I shall reveal these to you! 386 more words