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Snow and gritted teeth

Yesterday hard frost and some snow. Today more snow, but milder. Definitely not weather for a young whippet.

Following a diktat from our ever liberal Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire Council is to spend thousands of pounds on Gaelic road signs, but cannot seem to afford to grit its treacherously icy pavements. 184 more words

Exploring the Forest

Jaffa continues to accompany us on our morning walks (when the weather’s fine, that is – when it’s raining he’s more likely to be found in a bed next to the Aga). 147 more words

Dog Blog

Mk A Whippet - Part 4: Decals

After the base paint layer was on the model, decals were the next to go. Before I put them on the model however, I first apply a thin layer of filter using Burnt Umber oil paint and enamel thinner. 329 more words


Blog, how I have neglected you ... and an invitation

But on the plus side, life cannot be lived through a blog alone…

We have had very mild autumn weather here which I am enjoying with Archie and two new Norwegian walking poles, replacing the old ones which were second-hand and fell to pieces a couple of weeks ago. 297 more words

Mk A Whippet - Part 3: Base coat and modulation

After preshading all was ready for the main coat. I took the lessons from the previous builds and made sure that (a) the base coat is sufficiently light for subsequent weathering and (b) modulation adds visual contrast to the paint work. 133 more words


Maurice Brockwell Car Day 2015

Today saw the Maurice Brockwell car day at Fremantle Park.  There was a selection of vintage, historic and modern vehicles mustered ready to drive up to Whitman Park. 8 more words


Mk A Whippet - Part 2: Primer and preshading

So while the weathering was drying on the Merkava and T-64BV, I made some progress on other kits too. One of them is the Whippet, which is really lovely piece and I am making good progress on it. 150 more words