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Poppy's Poor Paw

Poor Poppy has a very sore paw. We think she caught it on a metal grid in the ford she likes to splash about in on her morning walk. 178 more words

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What I've learned About Training a Dog

My father  insisted that if we have dogs, they be trained.  As kids under 12, we really didn’t know what we were doing, and my father was too busy growing a business to help us. 848 more words


Party Pooper

Some things in life are disgusting: seeing a coworker vomit into an office trashcan, guzzling down a glass of chocolate milk without realizing it’s rotten until you swallow a chunk, seeing a huge spider crawl out of your shower drain just as the water hits your naked body, etc. 1,678 more words


The best thing about having a dog is both the amount of love and loyalty they show you and also the all the new lessons they teach you and experiences they give you.


Learning from my dogs

A lot of people are surprised when they find out that, as a student, I have two dogs. But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my dogs are the best money I spend. 214 more words