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Well, that didn't go to plan...

Well, there was a plan in place for this weekend.  It was going to be my first weekend out in the garden.  Bit it went awry. 225 more words

Head Hunting

Willow’s head type fascinates me. She has a beautiful skull, stop, and muzzle. Everybody knows I do not care for the broad and overdone heads of modern show golden retrievers on either side of the Atlantic. 562 more words

Golden Retrievers

A Whippet Forest Adventure

Zoom had a wonderful walk today, and something exciting caught his attention. We aren’t sure what lives in this den, but it sure delighted Zoom to explore it. 25 more words


Whippet Perfection

UKC BIS A’Eden Zipline Zoom, BCAT pointed, ASFA pointed


Wonderful, Whimsical, and... Whiny? Real Talk About Whippet Temperament

Everyone who knows me is fully aware of my life-long love affair with the Whippet breed. My Zoom (pictured above) will be seven years old in June. 2,157 more words


All The Good Dogs

Today I let Flirt go on a journey to a new life full of new adventures.

I’m raw and numb all at once. I can’t believe I really did it, even though given current life circumstances, it’s the obvious and most selfless choice. 638 more words

Golden Retrievers