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Making Something Illegal Doesn't Stop It: NSW Greyhound Racing

New South Wales from July 1 2017, will ban greyhound racing, lead by Premier Mike Baird, in response to ‘mistreatment of animals’.

Anyway, I very much doubt Mike Baird is a vegetarian, and therefore why should he have any concern for greyhounds in particular. 329 more words


Whippet love

My whippet sleeps under my daughters doona in her bed.

When my daughter wakes over night which is a lot, she takes so much comfort knowing that the dog is next to her keeping her warm and safe. 158 more words

Shape it up, get straight

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who used to walk two Italian greyhounds around in the evening. I know they were Italian greyhounds because once or twice I or a friend may have murmured, “Ooh, whippets,” when they walked by and the owner guy always responded pretty sharply and superciliously, “They are… Italian greyhounds.” Okay, sorry and thanks for the information. 163 more words

Lost & Found

Haiku: Sun Beams Smile

Sun beams smile the fun

of Summer into the bay

where seals watch us play.

© Xenia Tran

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 103: Summer & Fun…

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Whippet warming hack

My whippet gets very cold, she is quite a princess and insists on sleeping in luxury with pillows and blankets during the day and under the doona with my daughter in the evenings. 166 more words

The Puppies All Grown Up

From the cute puppies Zed found abandoned under a bush in the Portuguese countryside we now have two boisterous teenage dogs!  Meet Random and Bramble. 64 more words