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Lark's Diary VI

I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to write my diary. It’s because I have discovered the bestest thing ever! Children! We have had children visiting and although I didn’t know if I would like them, I think they are brilliant and I would like to see more. 791 more words

Breast Cancer

Nitrous Trip Report: Entering the Void

My friend X and I were sitting in X’s basement with a box of 50 whipped cream chargers. It was my first time doing whippets and I was extremely excited and relatively nervous. 365 more words


Chester, the Wonder Whippet

G’Day Mob,

Here at Rocky Springs we were recently privileged to have, however so briefly, a star amongst us – Chester the Wonder Whippet.

The Whippet is currently on an Australia-wide tour having left his base in southern Western Australia in December. 337 more words

Farm Dogs

Winter is upon us and getting out of bed has become difficult..

It is July already, the colder weather is well and truly set in, the evening walk has to take place in the late afternoon so as we can get it done before dark…Ciaran does not like walking in the dark, all the headlights and shadows scare him. 465 more words

Life In General

Lark's Diary V

This week has been SO hot, the hottest ever anywhere in the world, I think. I have had to drink lots more water than usual and Mum keeps a big bowl in the garden for me and Archie. 980 more words

Secondary Cancer

Lark's Diary III

This week we have been doing lots of running around and chasing things. Archie still keeps putting my head in his mouth and when Mum strokes me, she says “You’re soaking” because he drools on me and makes my head wet. 529 more words

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Who got who?

Well, so…how has it come to be flaming June, quite so very soon, in the year of 2015? (What’s more, where has the sun gone to, you may well ask? 282 more words