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Today in ‘Things I Was Actually Invited To’

Agmondesham Cuffe was quite the operator. As detailed in Turtle Bunbury’s excellent work on the Irish aristocracy, Cuffe knew which way the wind blew. Cuffe disliked the policies of James II, who had plans to make Ireland a Catholic stronghold, as per the plans of the Catholic Earl of Tyrconnell, who wanted to strip the Cromwellian planters of their lands. 2,506 more words


Weller Special Reserve Wheated Bourbon - The Review

Proof: 90
Color: medium-dark amber
Nose: vanilla, toasted caramel, toasted nuts
Taste: vanilla, clover honey, caramel corn
Finish: warm & long
Value: (should be) great bang for the buck… 524 more words


Stillhouse Moonshine Spiced Cherry - Review

Proof: 69
Color: clear
Nose: corn syrup, cinnamon, candied fruit
Taste: refined sugar, cinnamon, hint of orris root/berry
Value: meh

You’ll remember that, oh so long ago, I wrote up the 6 “original” flavors that Stillhouse offered up. 284 more words


Four Roses 'Limited Edition' 2017 Release - The Review

Proof: 108
Color: medium amber
Nose: caramel popcorn, blackberry, cloves, dried stone fruit
Taste: caramel, cloves, cinnamon, bramble fruit
Value: middling

Last time I reviewed a bottle of expensive… 443 more words


The end of the beginning

It’s hard to say if 2017 was what you would call a great year. It was certainly one of changes – we settled into our new home (my old home) and learned to adapt to terrible broadband (PS4 games take a week to download), rubbish windows (we all wear parkas indoors) and beautiful scenery (it overlooks a distillery). 2,746 more words


Altered states

A few years back, I was talking to a distiller about gin when Peter Mulryan came up in conversation. I asked what he thought of Mulryan’s approach to gin making – his wild experiments. 1,317 more words


Powers and glory

The resurgence of Irish whiskey was hard fought. It’s easy to forget just how close we came to losing the entire category back in the 1960s. 346 more words