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CDC Whistleblower: Submit to A Live Interview and Open Source All Documents

By Jefferey Jaxen

There are moments in history where morality and justice demand a better way. Times when status quo normalcy hangs heavy in the air. 888 more words


Scientists Under Attack

Can you “imagine” a world where ANYONE who tells the truth is an ENEMY of the Authorities?   Whistle-blowers and Truth-tellers are now being arrested, fired, killed and demoralized. 36 more words

Ashley Madison database released

In a move reminiscent of a chapter from Neuromancer, a secret group of hackers stole a corporate database and apparently ransomed the corporation using the stolen data as leverage. 213 more words

Actions & Protests

Most Scientific Research of Western Medicine Untrustable & Fraudulent, Say Insiders and Experts

By Makia Freeman

Fraudulent scientific research is rife throughout the world due to the power of monetary influence wielded by Big Pharma, the giant cartel of multinational pharmaceutical corporations started over 100 years ago by the Rockefellers. 1,392 more words


When we get beside ourselves,God always commissions someone to put us in check. Don’t get mad with the whistle blowers or the “Pauls” God places in your life.

19 more words

Saving the Internet

The Internet is changing. The idealistic euphoria which recently enabled democratic protests to kick-off across the world is starting to give way to a much more sinister corporatized landscape where free speech and free‑use are coming increasingly… 186 more words

Arab Spring

Assange: the untold story of an epic struggle for justice

by John Pilger via johnpilger.com

The siege of Knightsbridge is both an emblem of gross injustice and a gruelling farce. For three years, a police cordon around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. 3,682 more words

Empire Watch