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Special Agent John Dodson spoke before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday June 7th. Agent Dodson described how “six years ago to the day” he sat at the table he was speaking on with his fellow whistle-blowers. 187 more words

Michael Moore Launches “TrumpiLeaks” Website, Calls for Whistle-Blowers

Similar to many with Trump Derangement Syndrome, Fat Boy’s life is consumed with his vision of a Trump impeachment. From Hollywood Reporter: Michael Moore launched a website entitled “TrumpiLeaks” on Tuesday.

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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 35

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 35

Who would answer to the terrible obstinate crimes against humanity? If Not the obstinate witness, and whistle-blowers? 637 more words


Governor Calls for Medicaid Accountability, But Brown’s Proposal Would Actually Stay the Course

Oregon Health Authority Director Lynne Saxton said the state does have approval of the federal government for its haphazard re-enrollment process, which should be finished by the end of summer. 31 more words

Office Of The Governor

Whistle-Blowers, not “Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists” 

Editor’s Note: If you have not yet read his latest book (Truth is a Lonely Warrior – Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction) , we highly recommend it… 257 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Whistle-Blowers, not “Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists”

From James Perloff

For decades, military officers, government officials, bankers, law enforcement agents, newscasters, scholars, and other credible witnesses have corroborated the alternative media

This post is intended to be viewer-friendly; it consists entirely of quote banners and short video clips; the clips, on average, are under 5 minutes, and none are as long as 15. 873 more words

The Elite, Or “TPTB”