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My Homes This Week

From our company Grand Meetup in Vancouver to home in northern NY to working while camping at my favorite beach (Southwick) to relaxing with friends while camping at Cranberry Lake in the Adirondacks. Fantastic week.



It’s September and already on Instagram there are pictures of snow in Whistler mountains and I so wish I was going back there this year. Last year I had an amazing 2 weeks snowboarding with… 390 more words


Whistler on film

I brought my film camera (the old, beaten up Pentax K1000 that I’ve had since I was about ten) to Whistler, thinking the scenery there would make for much better photos than… 256 more words


GM The Sixth

A preamble (starting at the end)

Waiting to board the plane from Vancouver to Montreal – on my way home from this year’s Automattic Grand Meetup (GM) – my colleague told me how much he appreciated what I do to welcome fellow Canadians to Automattic. 359 more words


Automattic Grand Meetup 2017

I spent last week in Whistler, British Columbia for Automattic‘s annual Grand Meetup. If you aren’t familiar with Automattic, (and let’s be honest, the only people reading this are my parents and other a12s, so you should already know) we’re the company that builds and supports things like… 591 more words


Chapter Four - Follow Me, Whistler!

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Chapter 4

Tuesday, 3:30 AM

β€œIs there something you are hiding from me?” Riya asked Sanjay over WhatsApp. 1,702 more words