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What They Need's a Damn Good Whacking

After reading the news of drastic increases in the price of Epipens and Insulin over the last couple of years (as well as the unreasonably and unnecessarily high prices on many other life saving drugs), I want to dedicate this Hymns of Social Justice post featuring a live performance of George Harrison’s song “Piggies” (Originally released in 1968 on “The Beatles”/”The White Album”) to all of the gluttonous piggies responsible for this price gouging.  18 more words


The Beatles - The White Album

After the success of Sergeant Pepper, the Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India to stay with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The trip was meant to provide an escape from their daily lives in the form of meditation. 425 more words


What If the Beatles Didn't Break Up in 1970? - Version Two

Author’s Note: This is an updated version of a previous post on the subject of what I think might have happened had the Beatles not broken up in 1970. 4,040 more words

Eternally 2000 — Weezer continues to produce music for Millennials with their 'White Album'

Will Meyer | Rawr

For many millennials, Weezer was a major part of childhood.

The words Beverly Hills need but be mentioned for a song of the same title to pop into the minds of most anyone who bothered to listen to a radio program in the last two decades. 484 more words


Record Store Haul!

I’m fairly new to vinyl, though it’s something that I grew up with.  Record Store Day this year, with exclusive releases from Brian Fallon and Frank Turner, is what kicked my ass into gear and I finally bought my first turntable.  463 more words

What I'm Listening To

Music. Weezer. Self-Titled (White).

I suppose that everyone needs to get to this point with Weezer eventually. This is the point where you want to shake Rivers Cuomo, where you want to tell him to wake up, he’s not 22 anymore, there’s more to life than girls and bands and girls in bands. 1,194 more words

Music Reviews

In Defense of New WEEZER

Weezer, one of my all time favorite bands released a new album on April 1st, another self-titled, this one is being referred to as the White Album. 334 more words