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The Beatles at Rishikesh

Have you ever heard the name of the famous English band of all time “The Beatles”?

The Beatles was an English rock band from Liverpool (England), formed in 1960. 393 more words

Subject #011: Thank God for Girls

I’m convinced that the Weezer fandom is divided into two distinct groups: those who think “Thank God for Girls” is “The White Album“‘s worst song and those who think it’s “The White Album”‘s best song. 738 more words


#165: Long, Long, Long

I still remember the first time I heard “Long, Long, Long.” No, it was not some life-changing moment that forever altered my state of consciousness. I’ll always remember it because it was one of the most 233 more words

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White Album

Touya Fujii is a college student that is also going out with the up and coming idol Morikawa Yuki. Due to how busy Yuki is, as well as do to how discrete they must be due to her status and other circumstances involved, this turns out to be a very difficult relationship. 1,144 more words


#169: Honey Pie

“Honey Pie” is about as corny as it gets, and considering we’re talking about Paul McCartney here, that’s saying a lot. I completely understand why so many people blast his affinity for writing silly love songs ( 182 more words

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#172: Mother Nature's Son

I’m just gonna come right out and drop a hot take: Paul McCartney is pretty darn good at music. Put down the pitchforks and I can explain. 255 more words

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Vidyas and Vinyl: Good Music and Game Pairings

Great music, sound effects, and voice acting are crucial components of a classic video game. However, in my experiences, I’ve found more enjoyment in turning on subtitles, muting the game sound, and spinning a record while I play. 1,076 more words

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