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July'ke these photos, me promise!

Had a project which ate up most of the last half of July; thus, another delayed update. So, again I shall forgo the wacky intro, and let you get right to the photos. 1,102 more words


“White People” Gets It Right About Being White

From Time MagazineKareem Abdul-Jabbar

White People” Gets It Right About Being White

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, TIME

When it comes to discussing racism, every word can be explosive…

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Bill Scher: A Counterterrorism Strategy for White Shooters?

Real Clear Politics — Taking a page from conservatives who complain when people shy away from labeling armed jihadi attacks as “terrorism,” some liberals were quick to demand that the Charleston black church massacre be classified in the same way. 103 more words


White Like Me

I’m an American middle-aged white guy. Even though I’ve lived the last fifteen years of my life in Canada, my Yankee roots run deep. So the white and black issues of late burning up the headlines in my former country have been inescapable to me; even more so because of my own personal history. 2,324 more words

Cheesy, Fat, Selfish Stereotypes

Gossip girl life, Mcdonald and KFC everyday, you are looser if you don’t have Apple stuff,low cut shirt girls .etc.

What am I talking about? 958 more words


I Don't Understand Americans

Went out for dinner last night and got onto the topic of a mutual friend’s family culture, and it’s maybe the first family that has sounded anything like what I understand and expect, and it’s so weird to them, and that’s so weird to me. 553 more words