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#Blacklivesmatter.com - Reminds Me of Malcolm X Renown Revelation - You've Been Hoodwinked, You've Been Had, You've Been Took! - Sadly Once Again Black America

You’ve and many others are being led around by a narrative that does not reflect the whole truth. Like sheep, you appear only concerned about how much green grass is available in the field to munch on while ignoring the better weeds mixed with the sweat grass as you chew. 400 more words

Black Perspective

Stop Making Black America Look Like a Sissy Nation and Why Today's Racist is Not Your Grandad's Bigot.

By The Bug (apologies for the blog going wacky for a while. I do know how to use proper paragraph format writing)

This is a sensitive issue deserving anything but a sensitive touch, because quite frankly, 2,282 more words

Race Relations

The slow death of white America: How will the great melting pot adapt to the millions of black and Hispanic voters who swept Obama back to power, asks TOM LEONARD


For Republicans struggling to understand their defeat at the polls, the most chilling statistic in this week’s presidential election was this: Mitt Romney won the biggest share of the white vote that any Republican White House contender ever has — and he still lost. 1,703 more words

The Jewish Problem

"Liberated By Grace": No Shootings, No Bombings, No Fires Can Destroy This Faith

For those who see religion as primarily an opiate, African American Christianity offers a riposte. For those who see Christianity itself as a faith that encourages quiescence and conservatism, the tradition of the black church is a sign of contradiction. 755 more words


"We’re Part Of A Long-Running Story": Racism In The Obama Era: "You're Taking Over Our Country"

It’s hard to believe that just three months ago we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. But today I’m thinking of something… 1,380 more words


NBC: "White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S."

First you demonize.  Then you criminalize.  Then you exterminate.  This is how Genocides are started.

Obama’s Regime with help from his Praetorian Media are furiously pushing the meme that White Americans are the biggest terror threat to the country. 695 more words


In Light of Charleston

Dear America,

Today, I listened to Tom Ashbrook’s OnPoint roundtable discussion about the Emanuel AME Church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina. The one-hour segment covered a gamut of issues including the shooting, race in America, the Confederate Flag, and the media’s presentation of African Americans in comparison with White Americans. 502 more words