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The big difference in the way white and black Americans view protests against police

 Overall, about eight in 10 Americans generally think that at least some of the motivation behind the protests has been prejudice against police officers, the Pew survey found. 1,272 more words


Jim Webb's Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

Jim Webb

Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

New York: Broadway Books, 2004.

Former Virginia Senator (2007-2013), Secretary of the Navy (1988-1989), Marine, and unapologetic Vietnam War veteran Jim Webb launched a quixotic bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, withdrawing in a few months. 1,289 more words


Black People - It's Time To Wake Up

If you don’t learn or don’t know your “race history,” dealings with other races especially those that have historical facts of being THE enemy of your particular race. 167 more words

Black Perspective

Joe Biden (Zionist, White Freemason) Admits Scheme To Socially Engineer White Americans Out Of Existence

Biden Admits Scheme To Socially Engineer White Americans Out Of Existence

We remember the refusal of Hussein Obama to participate in a symbolic condemnation of Islamic Terrorism in Paris, the hand-holding and largely unproductive march in Paris by many world leaders.

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"White Lives Matter" joins SPLC hate group list

Indicative of the current racial climate in the US, “White Lives Matter” (WLM) has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 733 more words


Is race dividing our American society?

We clearly have a problem in our society. The constant remainders of America’s past racism endure a formidable challenge to our dream for a community that lives out its most endeared principles — freedom and justice for all. 352 more words


Post-Colorblind America: How Non-Whites Are Weaponizing Race Against White Americans

The Changing Racial Language of Our American Consciousness

The article title itself is both an implicit and explicit acknowledgment that something in America has changed. For native-born White Americans it suggests that the concept of race is being rekindled as a means for non-White American citizens to arrive at their own in-group interests at the expense of White Americans. 3,156 more words