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White Americans Are Still Confused About Racism – Here’s “The Talk” We Need To Have | Citizenship and Social Justice

This is a really well thought out and argued piece by Jon Greenberg:

Growing up and now living in the predominately white city of Seattle, I’ve known and worked with countless White Americans.

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Americans’ fear of terrorism divided along party lines — the DC drain - conservative politics

ㅤ”Republicans and white Americans, however, harbor greater fears about Muslim jihadists than do minority groups. More than eight in ten Republicans say they are afraid or very afraid of Islamic extremists, while just 42 percent of strong Democrats said the same.” ㅤô¿ô …The ignorant mob speaks.

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Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination

A majority of whites say discrimination against them exists in America today, according to a poll released Tuesday from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. 1,083 more words


“I knew that the average Indian felt himself above the white man, and, of course, he felt himself far above the Negro, largely on account of the fact of the Negro having submitted to slavery – a thing which the Indian would never do.

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“The world should not pass judgment upon the Negro, and especially the Negro youth, too quickly or too harshly. The Negro boy has obstacles, discouragements, and temptations to battle with that are little known to those not situated as he is.

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“New Deal legislation was clearly devastating for the black worker. In 1930, the national total unemployment rate was 6.13 percent. However, in that year, unemployment for blacks stood at 5.17 percent… Nineteen thirty was to be the last year when a larger percentage of whites than of blacks would be unemployed.” …

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“The demographic forces we have set in motion have created conditions that are inherently unstable and potentially violent. All other groups are growing in numbers and have a vivid racial identity.

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