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How to Remove Background From Your Product Image

If you sell items online, then you need every advantage to try to increase sales. That includes having a product image for everything so that customers know exactly what they are getting. 461 more words

Background Removal

Why is a white background so important in E-commerce packshots?

Once, busy was better. There was a clash to catch the attention of potential buyers by all means, and so creative product imagery came into play. 375 more words

Background Removal

Get the Right Lighting Through White Photo Backdrops

It can be risky if a web marketing expert tries to have fun with assorted colors. Using dark and thick colors for your web site’s history could not be the best choice for your website. 691 more words

White Background

White Photo Background Introduction

I’m commonly asked – by aggravated professional photographers – what materials they ought to be utilizing to create a crisp, tidy, pure white digital photography background… 592 more words

Photo Backdrop

black or white backgrounds for translucent macro photography subjects

Creating deep black or bright white backgrounds is quite easily accomplished with smaller objects, if they can be lifted up from the background. Here, I’ll talk about my go-to technique when the subject of the photo is also translucent and doesn’t really show a lot of contrast on its own. 595 more words