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Infrared - Desaturated

These are some infrared photos I’ve taken the last couple months.  Lightroom doesn’t have enough latitude on its “Temp” slider to “cool off” a color infrared RAW file to match the camera’s custom white balance settings.   185 more words


Custom White Balance versus the Presets

DSLRs have built-in white balance correction presets. Usually, they are “sunny”, “cloudy”, “shade”, “tungsten”, “flourescent”, and “flash”, with estimated Kelvin/color temperatures. In certain cases, these presets may not work precisely to show the natural colors of your photo subjects. 218 more words


Digital Media Learning Outcome 3

In this learning outcome i learned a lot more about film making and the rule of thirds

This film thought me a lot more about better angles and how to get the best outcome. 123 more words

Digital Media

Four Seasons skills session

For our weekly skills session this week, we looked at Kelvin temperatures on the Canon 70D’s and Canon 5D Mark ll’s. Becks asked us to re-create four seasons by adjusting the kelvin balance and creating the feeling as if we were there through the imagery. 571 more words


Controlling light: Understanding the p-mode and iso setttings

Camera settings can be intimidating. For years, I never felt comfortable using anything but the automatic setting or the no flash setting on the camera and, as a result, my pictures suffered. 472 more words


Photographing Tomatoes

In my ongoing quest to take good photographs I’ve been reading everything my sister has sent to me about photography. She’s included articles on food photography as well as general tips on taking good pictures. 246 more words


The Power of Kamera HP

Jiah…. saya buat postingan gak jelas lagi nih.

Tapi semoga postingan ini bikin move on orang-orang yang nggak punya kamera DSLR. Disini kita akan mencoba memaksimalkan kamera yang kalian punya, entah kamera digital, kamera pocket maupun kamera HP. 398 more words