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Colour calibrated displays and ambient light

For most Mac and iOS device users, colour is very important. Even the most casual amateur photographer may now process their images through apps intended to ‘enhance’ their colour, and turn a quick snap into a well-liked post on social media. 1,010 more words


Running, photography and volunteering: 3 of my favourite things in 1

Parkrun and Great Run Local are free, timed 5k runs held for everyone and anyone around the UK every weekend. These events rely heavily on volunteers and I made it a new years resolution to volunteer at these events that I run at almost every week at least once every few months. 294 more words


Cubic Mango & White Balance fail

My wife prepared mango in a rather fancy way so I wanted to make a photo of it. But surprise – the white balance was totally wrong. 372 more words


Solitary Moments

Happiness is sometimes a few solitary moments, mid-morning, basking in the sun. This small baboon (Papio cynocephalus ursinus), seated atop a white ant mount up against a sturdy tree, seems to have enjoyed the moments before being disturbed. 235 more words


Getting to Know You 2: White Balance

The next installment of my series, this is how I discovered all the different uses for my white balance settings. We set up stations with different lighting scenarios, and were instructed to photograph each scenario with each of our camera’s light balance settings. 43 more words


An Experiment with Live View and White Balance

Months ago I made the switch to using Kelvin when setting my white balance. I found it much more effective at determining the correct white balance for my photographs. 122 more words


Evening Sun / Blue Monday

The sun beams at the beach as the sun was going down were amazing and I though it would be worth going to shoot a wide DOF shot. 291 more words