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Changing Focus

If the title led you to believe that this is intended as an introspective post about the current direction of my life and how I intend to make some changes…. 555 more words


Poles and panels

You may have seen some hardware equipment poking out from the bottoms of some of the PhenoCam images — poles and panels.

Why are they there? 441 more words


Calling All Photographers

Allow me to think out loud.

A number of you (there may be more lurking than I think) have been reading with interest my road to photographic discovery.   1,468 more words


White Balance For Digital SLR Cameras in Plain English

The most common question I am asked is how to properly set white balance on digital cameras. This is a new phenomenon relating to digital cameras and was not an issue with film cameras. 532 more words

Week 6 White balance

This week we will be learning about:

  • White balance
  • Auto focusing
  • Feedback on initial test shots for assignment 2


Watch the YouTube video at this link… 2,379 more words

The gray card as a light meter

Gray cards are a perfect tool for light measurement regardless if it is natural, artificial, and ambient or flashlight.

Most of us know the gray card as a tool to correct the white balance prior to a shoot by taking a picture of a gray card and instructing the camera that what it sees is 18 % gray. 40 more words

Tech Talk

A photographer walks into a bar

As with most jobs, there are pros and cons to photographing indoor concerts.

Con: The lighting is atrocious. Between the dark corners and hallways in bar-type concert venues and the crowd of people, it’s quite a challenge. 159 more words