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White Balance - The Call Of The Wild

Setting a weird white balance in the camera is not a good idea unless you mean to do it.

For example, I have read of some photographers who will set tungsten lighting for a scene lit by some other part of the spectrum. 407 more words


Neutral Density Filters

Are you familiar with neutral density filters? Click through to read about what type of photographs I like to take using neutral density filters and the physics behind the large colour cast of very opaque high ND filters. 1,981 more words


Underwater Photography 101: "White Balance"

This is a post-processing tip inspired by the many almost beautiful photographs I see in my underwater group news feeds.  So many of these photographs have great composition, interesting subjects, and good lighting, but lack the “umph” needed to be truly fantastic.   824 more words


Wonder Why?

I love African Violets.  But taking pictures of them can be a tad frustrating.  I tried all the White Balance options on my camera (save the do it yourself one, which I know nothing about), and the color of the flowers still didn’t come out right.   29 more words


colour in the world of light

I use glazes the colour of the sky and the sea a lot. Recently, I’ve been developing more glazes in the white/grey/blue spectrum. This was a Chinese obsession too – they have ones called ‘sky after rain’, ‘moon white’. 469 more words

Critical Journal

White Balance and the ExpoDisc 2.0

Lights have different color temperatures which are measured in Kelvin. Our brains translate the colors so for the most part everything evens out. However, our cameras lack our… 616 more words


April AtoZ Chellenge: PH - W: White Balance

for White Balance

This is a in-camera option, for setting the color tone correctly while shooting under varying light conditions. Generally, options like cloudy, direct sunlight, shade etc are available along with the Auto mode. 83 more words

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