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Does White Balance Make a Difference? (...thousands of dollars worth)

Does white balance make a difference in the way my camera captures an image? This image is the perfect example of how “not so good” a mobile phone camera is. 389 more words

How to Fix White Balance in Photoshop by Finding a 50% Gray Point by Michael Zhang

In this 1m 53s video, Michael demonstrates a cool technique in Photoshop to correct White Balance even if no gray card was used during the shoot. 149 more words


Post processing: Using Camera RAW to fully control my images

Up until recently I never used photoshop to edit my pictures. Instead I would use the built-in filters in my digital camera to achieve the look I wanted, such as in this image: 643 more words


Wet Blanket (But I've Lots Of Time For You Part II)

Round two. Stupid white balance – it really is a wet blanket. On the other hand, no way I will give in…

Better throw one in for Graeme – be sad if he missed out.



Exercise: Judging colour temperature

Photographers who use and exploit light are not gifted! They have simply learned about light and have, thereby, become motivated to put themselves in a position to receive the gifts that the ‘right’ light has to offer”.

452 more words

Exercise: Cloudy weather and rain

Part 1

The images below were taken on a sunny day with some clouds drifting across the sun, just as was suggested in the course notes. 535 more words


The importance of white balance

The importance of white balance in photography is that a properly set white balance ensures proper colors.  White balance is, in reality, color balance.   “An important goal of this adjustment is to render specific colors – particularly neutral colors – correctly; hence, the general method is sometimes called gray balance, neutral balance, or white balance ( 510 more words