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Experience the Experience - Commercial Photography

During the last three weeks of interdisciplinary, I have been studying commercial photography.

During these sessions, the first session was looking at how to use a camera. 3,333 more words


The Non-Automatic Non-White Non-Balance

Put your hackles down – this isn’t racial politics. It is the eternal battle with colour temperature that we, as digital photographers, never had to worry about when we were film photographers. 499 more words


How Safari and Chrome are Damaging Your Colors and a Very Brief Discussion of Skin Tones

I’d been using MPEG Streamclip for years in order to reduce file sizes and upload times, but apparently, that’s not such a great idea.

It came to my attention recently that the videos I’d been converting with MPEG Streamclip and uploading to YouTube have an unmistakably crimson appearance when viewed in Safari. 336 more words

White Balance

What is white balance?  White balance (WB) is the process of adjusting the colors in an image so they are realistic and accurate. Our eyes have no problem with white balance, but cameras can have problems.   834 more words

Photo Advice

Week 4a: White Balance

The camera always sees things as grey unless you tell it otherwise.

If you take a photo of a plain black or white background, the camera doesn’t have any other colours to compare it to and it will therefore appear grey. 315 more words


4 Easy Steps to Consistent White Balance

Editing photos should not feel like a burden to you.

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Just to figure out whether 4500K or 3200K is the “correct” value? 336 more words


Neutral color picker

I still use Picasa, the discontinued and unsupported photo editing and management software that was offered as freeware through google. It might not have the customization of PhotoShop or even PS Express on the iPhone, but it’s free and still has so many features I find useful, such as facial recognition, metadata tagging, basic corrections and EXIF data (as well as histograms). 224 more words