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Chapter 10, In Which Robin Likes Cameras

Photography! I took Photography I my sophomore year of college, so I’m interested in this chapter. We used real film in cameras and developed our photographs in a darkroom. 1,001 more words

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White Balance - Advanced settings/ light conditions

White balance is used to remove unrealistic colour casts to achieve true to life colours in a photograph. To get realistic photos you must first take into account the ‘colour temperature’ of a light source, colour temperature describes the spectrum of light, this refers to the warmth of coolness of white light. 390 more words


Old Gold

Typing just key into the Search box makes it easy to browse WordPress blogs.  Here, the button (atop the vertical black bar) reveals widgets like the Search box. 123 more words


"Use the White Balance Tool in Adobe"

We were photographing at twilight on the my recent photo tour to Seville, Spain.  The natural light was mixing with the man-made light illuminating the walls of the Mezquita. 179 more words

Photo Processing

White balance presets

Digital cameras have advanced settings to help adapt for various light conditions where unrealistic colour casts might otherwise affect an image. These are known as white balance presets. 357 more words


Natural Light Photography

Some light is cool and has more of a bluish tint. Some light is warm and has more of a golden tint. Our eyes naturally adjust to changes in the color of light to keep colors looking the same in various lighting situations. 41 more words

Kudu on Termite Mound

A Kudu antelope cow (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) standing atop an termite mound is quite a common observation in Mana Pools. There is little reference as to why this antelope is attracted to these raised elevations and one can only guess this is either anti-predatory or the mount is a source of minerals and salts. 181 more words