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Photographing Tomatoes

In my ongoing quest to take good photographs I’ve been reading everything my sister has sent to me about photography. She’s included articles on food photography as well as general tips on taking good pictures. 246 more words


The Power of Kamera HP

Jiah…. saya buat postingan gak jelas lagi nih.

Tapi semoga postingan ini bikin move on orang-orang yang nggak punya kamera DSLR. Disini kita akan mencoba memaksimalkan kamera yang kalian punya, entah kamera digital, kamera pocket maupun kamera HP. 398 more words


Learning Balance

You probably thought I meant some kind of zen, at one with the universe thing, right? Sorry. The balance I’m trying to learn is white balance. 469 more words


The Golden Moment of Nature

It was a visit to a place just to click sunrise. A beautiful morning. I had read, on the internet, a night before that using Shade white balance makes the image warm and helps to create the orange shade in sky as using Auto white balance destroys this natural shade. 51 more words


Lying Digital Bastards

This is a photograph of my first serious camera. It was built in 1978. I bought it in 1996 for one hundred & fifty pounds from a pawn shop in north London. 930 more words

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Auto-correcting images

I am currently working on creating algorithms or a combination of algorithms to allow auto-correction of images inside the browser.

The areas involves automatic white-balance, intelligent lightness and contrast, and color enhancement. 662 more words


Day 200: Between shows

Monday, July 18, 2016

I’m not a big fan of the lights in this place: it sends the white balance on my camera haywire. Too warm, too much magenta. 40 more words

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