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White Balance Setting

Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful winter scene and been disappointed to discover the crisp, white snow came out with a bluish tint? 273 more words


Digital Camera Terms To Know

It helps when learning to use your new digital camera to also know what some of the more common terms mean.

Below you will find many of these common terms defined: 313 more words


In Focus: Camera Basics

Confused over what terms such as “shutter speed”, “aperture”, “ISO speed”,”exposure compensation”,”white balance” mean? Have no fear – our Camera Basics series take you through each of these important fundamental concepts of photography, so that you won’t only get to know your camera better, but also have a better idea of how you can tweak camera modes and settings to get amazing shots! 1,007 more words


Photography In Snow

The recent weather has been a wonderful opportunity to get out with my camera and explore snow.

I had heard that a camera on auto will underexpose as a way of compensating for the brightness of the snow, and this means that you lose detail and texture. 453 more words


White Balance

White balance is the white tone of your image which is affected by the light in which you are shooting. The idea is to make the colours as true to life as possible. 310 more words


Fixing India

India has a ton of problems that need fixing. Pollution, poverty and plastic waste all spring to mind. But the particular issue to which I refer is the processing of my photos from my holiday. 143 more words


The Tint - Part One - The Colour Out There

We’ve all seen those magazine articles from the 60’s and 70’s that urged people to go out and give themselves assignments that involved taking pictures with a theme – a letter of the alphabet, or a flower, or a colour. 560 more words