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Recipe: Melon Vinaigrette

At home, what do you usually do to with seeds when you cut melons such as cantaloupes and honeydews apart? Throw them away right? I sometimes put them in my mouth because the pulp sack around them is really sweet. 120 more words


Chilli and Cucumber Salad

This is based on a salad I had at the School of Artisan Food in Welbeck, Nottingham. It was a summer side dish that I thought was so fresh and refreshing and made from the simplest of ingredients. 259 more words


Strawberry and White Balsamic Ice Cream

Here is a recipe for THE  BEST strawberry ice cream you will ever taste — creamy yet perfectly balanced so that it is lightly sweet rather than cloying, and just bursting with fresh strawberry flavour! 368 more words


Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Cherries & Pistachios

On a recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina, hubby and I visited a fun little store called Olive & Kickin’.  It’s a vinegar and olive oil tasting room, and we had such a good time tasting all the different flavors. 371 more words


A Different Twist On Salad Dressing

I really like to make my own Vinaigrette.  This way, I know what’s in it; I can control the amount of salt and vinegar, which we don’t care too much for. 378 more words


White Balsamic Pear Vinaigrette on Spinach Bacon Feta Salad

Hey guys. I just learned how to spell vinaigrette properly. Like just today. Pretttty sure I’ve always spelled it like vinegar + ette unless spellcheck helped me out. 372 more words