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White beech: the rainforest years

A chance encounter with Professor Germaine Greer via a paging announcement at Sydney Airport has led me to totally unexpected reading pleasure. As I was searching for the exact titles of books of hers I’d read, I came across “White beech”, which I’d never even heard of. 669 more words


Immutable Australia – until ecological vandals got hold of it

Noah’s Ark is the legend of a catastrophe. The impact of the great flood apart, the only species to make it into postdiluvian times were those floating on a wooden raft in an endless sea. 740 more words

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Germaine Greer planted some trees...

…and then she wrote this book about it and then I came along and read it and liked it and reviewed it in the Independent on Sunday.



Doug Johnstone


Saturday saw temps here of 40 degrees for a couple of hours. Power out-age for 30 hours followed. But once I found a cool spot Germaine Greer’s WHITE BEECH kept me well and truly occupied for the next 24 hours. 314 more words

IKEA Vanities: A Stylish Look using Stainless Steel Legs

Kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be restricted to the kitchen – they work, and look, just as well in the bathroom.

Just design two 15″ drawer cabinets at the ends for items such as personal care and make up;  two 21″ sink bases to store toiletries;  a… 53 more words

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Hen of the Woods: Part 2

I did a little sleuthing, and figured out what was going on with this happy-packed mushroom company. In 2006, a Japanese mushroom company called Hokto… 370 more words