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Fishing White-bellied Sea-eagle.

Platform 1 or Choo’s Platform at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is the favorite place to shoot White-bellied Sea-eagles, Brahminy Kites, Ospreys, Great-billed Herons, Egrets¬†and… 105 more words

Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week was taken Sunday
(March 13, 2016)

Also known as the White-bellied Sea Eagle, I photographed this magnificent bird as we drifted past on the Yellow Water Cruise in Kakadu National Park yesterday. 11 more words

Photo Of The Week

The Genoa River Sea Eagles (Part 2)

Trying to take photographs of Eagles in flight is a great challenge that can test your camera skills, fieldcraft, manners and reflexes.

The first trip up the Genoa River had resulted in some nice images of an… 194 more words


The Genoa River Sea-Eagles (Part 1)

On my yearly pilgrimage to Mallacoota, I look forward to the certainty of finding and watching White Bellied Sea-Eagles. Even across the other side of the Mallacoota Inlet they are easy to spot with their bright white body, large v-shaped wingspan and easy flight. 239 more words


Sneaking up on a Swamp Harrier. Chapter 3

Time to add another chapter to the Complete Guide for “Sneaking” up on a Swamp Harrier.

By now we have established some golden rules to ‘sneaking’ up on a Swamp Harrier. 579 more words

When awesome stops by

There are times when you wished awesome would just appear right in your face. And it did for me. Was packing up from a little work shoot and this huge guy decided to take a breather at the Common Pulai nearby. 16 more words


Prancing Eagles

It’s been some time since I’ve posted. Almost a year back I think?

I began doing wildlife photography just a few months back, and I found it really therapeutic to do so. 109 more words