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Not welcome

There was a bit of excitement in the park this afternoon. Magpies, Crows and Miner birds were evicting an unwelcome intruder.

It is a White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster):


Miz Lizzie Adventures: Wagons roll...

Our time on the Tablelands has drawn to a close, sadly.

It was a wet night, and we rejoiced at being warm and dry, and most of all, at not having a huge bundle of wet tent to take down, clean off, fold, roll and pack – and then air out at the other end. 231 more words

Miz Lizzie

Azure Kingfisher - great name, beautiful bird

One of the main reasons to visit Gypsy Point, north of Mallacoota, is to go on the small boat cruise up the river to see the… 127 more words


In Search of the Grail: The Journey of Perceval

++++ Editorial Note: This was written back in May 2016, due to complicated circumstances, (if you will) I had let its publication slide.  Enjoy. ++++++ 1,073 more words

Western Treatment Plant

Wildlife and the Picasso Coast

Tuesday 3rd, and after another uncomfortable night bumping up and down all the boats in Wineglass Bay voted with their propellers or sails and headed off for smoother waters early in the morning. 234 more words


Funny old thing is Serendipity

“the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”

The weather map showed a large high stalled over us for most of the day.   823 more words



Saturday 12 November 2016

Today at about 6:40 pm AEDT, I visited the nest, even though I have not seen the adults visit it for many weeks. 312 more words

Kimberley Jane Pryor