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Cheese & Pesto Whirls


If you like pesto, this one’s for you. I always find I have a jar of pesto hanging around in the fridge and apart from stirring it through a bit of pasta, I never really use it that much but it is full of fresh flavours and teamed with salty sun dried tomatoes and tangy cheese that are swirled through a fresh bread dough, this recipe results in a fantastic roll perfect for taking to a picnic or dunking in a big bowl of soup. 441 more words


p3: White Sandwich/Loaf Bread

#11, White Loaf Bread

Been craving a simple, big chunk of toasted white loaf bread for a while; well, to be more specific, I think I’m craving Sourdough, but I still need to plan a specific week to set enough prep day time aside for that. 1,164 more words

Saffron Crostini with Beet Halwa

These days there are so many cooking channels, blogs, cook books, pinterest, instagram…you name it. There are many ways to get new recipes and learn about new cuisines. 472 more words


Busting The Myths About Diet

What do you think is better, white bread or brown bread? Celebrity Nutritionist Suman Agarwal has some surprising things to say about diet and our food habits. 51 more words


America, you're so goddamn white bread!

I love you America, I really do. I feel fortunate to have grown up in this country with the freedoms I have and the opportunities available to me, but there is something lacking in your borders. 725 more words


Eating Shrimp For Dinner In Norway

Forget deep fried shrimp, shrimp marinade, or shrimp cocktail. Norwegians eat their shrimp simply and without complications. Five ingredients is all you need. And a glass of white wine. 900 more words



Does anyone in the USA remember the simple pleasure of  sinking one’s teeth effortlessly into a piece of tender white bread?   I’m here to shout that the self-denial and accompanying snobbishness of turning up our collective noses at white bread is not justified, simply because of the great pleasure it returns when eaten. 220 more words

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