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Farl (Oven Bottom) Bread from Paul Hollywood

Farl?! What?! According to just about every online source a farl is a bread/cake divded into four equal pieces. However, Mr Hollywood wants us to think of this loaf (no divisions) as something, by definition, it is not. 348 more words


Perfect Sandwich Bread

I know we are all trying to watch the carbs, the gluten and the “white” foods but for real, bread is my thing and I just gotta have good white bread to dip into marinara or make a great sandwich or to eat straight from the oven while I hide in my pantry. 612 more words

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Easy French Baguette

It is incredibly satisfying to make your own bread, there’s really nothing else like it… it’s not basic or elementary, it seems advanced somehow and therefore, more of an accomplishment. 709 more words

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Who doesn’t love Cinnamon Rolls?  They are expensive to buy and are never as good as what you can make yourself.

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls are unbelievably delicious.  696 more words

Julia Child's White Sandwich Loaf

I think bread-makers across the globe will agree, baking bread is addictive, especially if your first loaf turns out to be just-about perfect. Want to know something funny? 766 more words


Easter, rolls, and the piecrust problem

Easter was a very busy weekend for us. Saturday morning was spent at church, doing rehearsal for an Easter skit that Husband was in, practice for the choir (which I was in), and a spoken word performance I did. 980 more words

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Spelt Bread with Chorizo (Pan de espelta con chorizo) from The Hairy Bikers

After a post title like that, what can I say? I’ll keep it brief: a meaty delight you must try.

The Hairy Bikers like all things chorizo and the chapter on Spain gets as much of the stuff as it can. 380 more words