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Roti Tawar ( basic white bread )

Duluuuu … kapan tuh ya , ada yg masuk di mari nyari resep roti tawar empuk . Sudah nemu belom , yah ? Kalo belom nemu , boleh dicoba resep ini . 406 more words

Let's Bake !

*crunch*… 16. September 2015

 Oatmeal porridge with butter and red currant jam

 Mushroom and tofu chili soup over rice

 Sandwiches with peanut butter and red currant jam

 A carrot… 7 more words


A stew turned soup… 15. September 2015

 A banana, coffee

 Sushi and grapefruit vitamin water

 Mushroom and tofu chili soup over rice

 Raspberry lemonade

 Sandwiches with peanut butter and chocolate spread


White Bread Vs Whole Wheat (Grain): Whats healthier?

Having grown up on eating bread every morning for breakfast, its important to finally know what’s good for you! Health indeed is wealth!


Homemade Sandwich Loaf

Today, in my Advance Baking class, each person in the class made white sandwich bread. This was my first time making bread, and it wasn’t perfect, but I was still rather pleased with the overall outcome. 630 more words

Advanced Baking

Baked Kiwi Bread

Sunday is a perfect day to sit, lie down on a couch like a potato, munching some snacks while watching movies. That’s what I do most of the time though! 284 more words


Australian Taste Test - Vegemite & Fairy Bread

So I’m doing a little Australian Taste Test here featuring Vegemite on toast and Fairy Bread, two popular Australian ways to serve bread.

Thanks for watching! 31 more words