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Are rutabagas a starch?

How many Calories in Rutabaga?

Most vegetables are composed of at least 80% water. Rutabaga is considered a root vegetable. it is cooked and eaten like  279 more words


Huge and unnecessary variation of salt levels in bread - survey

We hear a lot of talk about the amount of salt and sodium in our diets and the importance of trying to keep it limited. Some folks even remove their salt shakers from the tables. 742 more words


Proving and Procrastination

There is nothing worse then waking up with no money and no food in the house. Being brought up by chefs I’ve often been able to scrape up a meal from nothing, and this recipe is no different. 263 more words



Times are challenging. And that is fine, we’ll manage. In the last 3 years things have been changing constantly in my life. As soon as I managed to learn a new situation, it was suddenly over (or not) and I needed to adjust again.

378 more words

Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #69: Homemade Hamburger Buns (#homecooking #DIY #bread))

Hey, all!

It’s been a while, but I had to carve out some time to share the amazing hamburger buns I made the other day. I’ve been making sandwich bread for months now, and I almost don’t fail.  592 more words


Real Bread Week 2018: Four Mini Boulè Loaves

Real Bread Week is back! Last year, I went crazy and baked far too much in its name. This year I’m calm and collected: just one bake. 370 more words


Soft honey white bread

This week something very rare happened: we ran out of sandwich bread. I know, I know, this sounds unbelievable coming from a bread-a-holic. I’ve been busy working on my latest A&E story for… 575 more words