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Harold & Kumar Go Vegan ... Review of White Castle Vegan Frozen Sliders

Harold and Kumar is a classic stoner movie from 2004 – that some critics have said, “make Cheech and Chong look lame.” It follows the adventures of Harold Lee and Kumar Patel after they smoke a joint, get the munchies, and head off to White Castle. 1,055 more words


White Castle Sells Its Chicken Rings In This Amusing Home Shopping Parody

Here’s a funny one from June. White Castle is selling an exquisite collection of 12 chicken rings for only $2.99! And with sauces! The delivery of the hostesses in this one is just great…particularly the semi-psycho eyes of the blonde. 13 more words

I Eat So You Don't Have To - Food Review

Food. It’s important.

Seldom have I typed something that was so incapable of being argued. We all know that food is important. We keep looking for the next best thing and hope that it will compare to the venerable Big Mac for taste, nutrition and sheer happiness of eating. 907 more words

Tim Braun

Who Needs Meat?

It’s been about a month and a half since I decided to completely give up meat and I have not once regretted my decision. There have been a couple times where sticking with it has been a little challenging, but I always stuck it out and felt better about it. 676 more words


Review: The Impossible Burger

“Holy shit this tastes like meat!”

That’s what you’re expecting right?

For real, I like this plant-based

burger, fat on my tongue, char,

eating sunny White Castle… 22 more words