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An Caoineadh by Brid Mary Harnett

An caoineadh, finality, a shriek, a wail of odes, some of which may never be told. The caoineadh, an gol mar a deirtear, unleashing the souls of those dearest to the earth of Ire, of tribes long forgotten, combed out and whittled by the banshee until all cultural marks of identification transpire and evaporate into the moist gentle air of this same island, a sister land to the land of the smallest most lithe gazelle, crowned with antlers, who watches, turning its well-formed head, until it is caused to flee. 222 more words

Cat trusts human

Today I bought Cat wet food ( Can ) and dry food for cats.

😸 approaches me immediately after seeing me :D

But momma cat warns her kittens of humans. 87 more words



He is the best friend of cat clan apart from tom cat

On day 1 he fled away from me. But from day 2 onwards he Became friend with me. 49 more words


Caturday: It's Mine & I Like It!

Noel, the Christmas Cat, here. I wanted to show you my new throne. Isn’t it amazing?

You can see that Nine is jealous.

Mommy is having foot surgery next week and won’t be able to walk for awhile. 99 more words