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My Father's feather.

Jimmy, my son, would often visit his Grand Pa on the way home from school. One evening he came in after a  visit. “Dad, Is Grand Pa losing his marbles?” 889 more words

Angels Among Us

I don’t know much about her – how she lived or how she died. But I do know she was loved by the young boy who would become my grandfather, my PaPou.   626 more words

Carlos Hathcock's Rifle

Welcome back to our Sniper Tuesday!  This week we will be talking about Carlos Hathcock’s rifle, the Winchester 585 more words

Expeditionary Designated Marksman

May 20, 1942 Sniper Duel

The world of the elite sniper is different from anything most of us will ever experience. Able marksmanship (“one shot, one kill”) is only the beginning. 953 more words

Friday Bench: Peace Bench

A guest bench today courtesy of Twitter and Historic England, who posted recently on unusual war memorials.

This particular bench commemorates peace and was donated by the Quakers of Hastings to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. 79 more words