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Why aren't You in the Army?

For quite a long while now I’ve been collecting examples of the ‘White Feather’ meme, variations on the situation where a woman (often elderly, always self-righteous) accuses a man of being a coward, and is then shown to be ridiculous because he is already a soldier, or is a wounded ex-soldier, or whatever. 49 more words


“Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”

On November 11th I was travelling on the Great Western Railway to London.

Everywhere on Plymouth station there were notices advising that it being “Armistice Day”, there will be a national 2-minute silence to be observed for the fallen in past Wars.  929 more words

1914-1918: gendercide

1914-1918 : gendercide

Grüß Gott !

Brave young men, encouraged by mocking women, went to the battle field. To die.

Antimilitarism / Cynthia Cockburn / Palgrave Macmillan / 2012: 722 more words

My Father's feather.

Jimmy, my son, would often visit his Grand Pa on the way home from school. One evening he came in after a  visit. “Dad, Is Grand Pa losing his marbles?” 889 more words

Angels Among Us

I don’t know much about her – how she lived or how she died. But I do know she was loved by the young boy who would become my grandfather, my PaPou.   626 more words

Carlos Hathcock's Rifle

Welcome back to our Sniper Tuesday!  This week we will be talking about Carlos Hathcock’s rifle, the Winchester 585 more words

Expeditionary Designated Marksman