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Ty Segall, White Fence and Prince -- oh my!!!

Hello. We’ve been away for a while. We were very much in need of a break, and a lot has happened since our last post. 746 more words



With ‘For The Recently Found Innocent’, the sixth record under the White Fence name, Tim Presley made a slight yet still distinct alteration in the development of his output. 302 more words


White Fence

White Fence
Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. 30 Jan 15.

You are free to use this photograph, but please credit to Skif (Vanity Project) 2015

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WHITE FENCE - " Live at the Moonlight Motel "

White Fence Live at The Moonlight Motel
Performing “Beat”, “Sandra” and “Make Them Dinner at Our Shoes”.

Presley began recording music in his apartment using primitive and low cost equipment, while still a member of… 389 more words


An Interactive New York Travel Guide -- With Book And Music Pairings

When you live in a city, each day is basically a bombardment of stimuli. There’s the rattle of the old, decrepit subway cars, the alternating odors of street meat and… other things one finds on the street, the tourists’ soft stomaches as they glance off your elbows as you barrel toward work. 554 more words


WHITE FENCE - " Like That "

One of the closest allies of the Ty Segall, Tim Presley also released his latest White Fence album titled “For the Recently Found Innocent” 67 more words