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PUMPKIN SPICE: Kiss Its Autumn-Flavored Ass, Haters

Haters, you need to cut it out with the pumpkin spice trend bashing. Especially if you’re a woman. Yeah, sure, you’re welcome to express your opinion if you don’t personally care for the flavor. 680 more words

Review: White Girl, 2016, dir. Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood’s White Girl is not a movie for the prude or the faint of heart. You can tell that by looking at its poster, which features the white girl of the title having sex with her drug dealing boyfriend. 88 more words


Am I basic during fall?!

Yes ya’ll, it is that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting colder, the nights are coming earlier, and the basic white girls are becoming more basic. 272 more words

Britain: 16 Year Old White Girl Kills Herself to Avoid Being Called Racist (GOOD!!!)

By the middle of this century, and possibly earlier at this rate, we’ll be seeing White children and teens committing mass suicide due to the excessive programming pushed by the Jews and their specially-picked Goy lackies. 548 more words

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Movies in Review: "White Girl"

So the 2 new wide released films this weekend, I really had no interest in seeing. This film “Morgan” looked like a counterfeit version of the remarkable film “Ex Machina”, so I had no desire to see that. 263 more words