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New Starbucks Flavours !

Now I might sound like the typical white girl by loving Starbucks, but that is just stereotyping. I’m not a white girl and I’m not a rich girl, but I do love Starbucks. 303 more words


The "Basic White Girl" Situation

of the white people, by the white people, for the white people

During the colder seasons, you make trips to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing a sweater by The North Face, Uggs, leggings. 493 more words


White Girl Got Her A** Beat After Saying N*gga

This white girl got beat pretty bad after she said nigga to the wrong black girl.

Welp..lesson learned I guess..


Goodbye Jacksonville, Hello Gainesville

It’s the end of July and as I am on family vacation, I can finally take a moment to breathe. I hate that I have taken such a drawn out break from doing what I love, writing. 733 more words

A Good Read

Skinny Cinnamon Iced Coffee

So I was in the mood for some iced coffee as usual and wanted to try a new recipe. I got inspiration from Pinterest and it suggested putting cinnamon in your coffee. 68 more words


What Even Is Dating These Days. . . ?

I swear that dating in this era has got to be the most confusing thing in the entire world. How does one meet people? Tinder, the bar, the mall? 354 more words


This blog; this blonde

This blog – no filter, no sugar coating, no bullshit. Posts will be all over the place, as things pop into my mind, as things happen to me. 237 more words