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Roses - A Very Short Story

I worked as a flower girl at a grocery downtown. I sorted the roses, the lilies, the carnations, and I sorted through the people who ordered bouquets; each person wanting something special, something that would mean something significant to whoever would receive it. 452 more words

White Girl


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Missy Elliott Tribute By Alyson Stoner Will Bring You Back!

Remember that Little Girl in Missy Elliott’s Video .. well she made a tribute video to Missy thanking her for being a part of it, and what a perfect idea with all the media buzz with Missy Elliott after the super bowl to Jump Start Your Career and Projects! 17 more words


Woes of a Middle Class White Girl

“For those deemed financially in need”

“For minorities”

“Must have participated in previous journalism classes”

“Must provide examples of past works”

No matter what it is, every scholarship seems to have a requirement that I cannot meet. 309 more words


For Those of You Who Have Lost The Ability To "Even"

I can’t even“. We both know you read that in the ditzy “basic white girl” tone. I swear, I hear that phrase at least 10 times a day. 415 more words

Basic Bitch


I would love to say welcome to my blog, but you obviously know that you were just itching to read this ish. Whatever, I’ll try to be nicer. 139 more words

10 Annoying Things For White Girls Dating Korean Men

Let’s face it, it’s pretty uncommon for a white chick to be with an Asian guy. My boyfriend and I met in Seoul, South Korea and have been dating for about four years now. 191 more words