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Love Letters to a Man Named Breakfast

I found you
Scrawled on last page of a dictionary
Bleeding inky blots, a Nick Carraway.
You were not dark, dark chocolate
Or bloody-red Cabernet. 140 more words



The squealing echo of rubber tires
Rubbing tired streets
Are heard
As I listen
To the blurred whispers
Before they disappear
Into the fogged morning-sky mirror. 50 more words


Welcome To My Blog

Hi friends, family, and other readers of this blog! For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Gabrielle, but I also go by Gabby, Gabs, Gabster, and pretty much anything you want to call me (with the exception of Gabriel… I really dislike being called that). 315 more words

Intro/About This Blog

Talk Spanish, White Girl

Can anyone explain why I just went into a Mexican restaurant and spoke English to their servers, who not only were Latino, but were speaking to each other in Spanish?  586 more words

Everyday Observations

Why I'm Okay With Being a "Basic White Girl"

Most people are aware of the continuing joke of calling a someone a “white girl” or “basic” when they partake in things such as wearing a forest green jacket, enjoying a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, wearing Hunter brand rubber boots, preferring something “pretty” over the alternative, wanting lots of followers on an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page, etcetera. 378 more words

White Girl Realizations

There comes a moment in the life of a woman living in this day and age (no matter what your race is) that you start to realize you have what social media deems as “white girl tendencies”.   1,270 more words

Coach Bag


Experimentally drowning
Chronologically born
Wrathful, bitter, and confused
We know what is best,
Ignoring it,
We take what cannot be replaced.

Miscarriage of ecumenical Justice, 63 more words