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The 'Absolutely Not's

We all have those situations that make us go ‘absolutely not’. Frequently, these are based on things that make us feel vulnerable. Some people suffer from a seemingly commonplace anxiety based on body image. 1,129 more words

As White Girl As It Gets

So, it came to me recently that people are actually really judgemental. Shocker, I know. This may not be your noteworthy, move mountains, change your life epiphany, but bear with me. 1,021 more words


Language variety, diversity, expression, equality. I thought that these were Australian values. Well, they are. Not everybody acts on them, though.

To me, language is a huge indicator of who we are, where we come from, even where we are going. 331 more words

OOTD: School Style #1

This week I thought it would be fun if I shared with you guys what I normally wear to school. So as you can see from the title it is just an Outfit Of The Day, school style. 729 more words


The perks of being a white girl, when your car breaks down on a dirt road

Well, my car is still broken, so I am back in my shitty hotel room, and figured I would make the most of it and continue writing! 697 more words