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Intergalactic Deliverance

Is there a postal service that
Will send my picture into space?
I searched, scoured,
Everywhere along 1-94
Because, desperately,
I want to be a eternal snap shot… 102 more words



A white girl

with some White Girl.

Her face was so sweet.

For now,

her eyes still twinkled.


there was nowhere in the world… 27 more words


My iOS Professionally Pleasures Me and Perhaps I Love Him

I once installed
A flashing, fuchsia background
Dressing up my dull,
Spoiled, millennial soul.
To blind you, surprise you
More than your pastimes of… 388 more words


Second to None

You said you’d save
The best for last
Perhaps that’s why
I was your first choice


Anything Too Sweet

We peel back our rotting skins
Like grounded tangerines.
We echo smiles through
Wind-tunnel mouths
Moved by pared lips.

Would Moses part the Red Sea… 32 more words


#UPPTop3: Ditching The #Grammys ? Dip Into Our Netflix Picks!

This one’s for the Netflix addicts. As many tune into the lavish gowns and wait to see if their favorites take home a Grammy, half of us will be posted up in our… 337 more words


Common White Girl Tag..

  1. Favorite Starbucks drink? Pumpkin spiced latte.. makes my full fall!
  2. Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud? nope.. i do say it alot when texting though.
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