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White girl jokes offend some, not all students

Offensive to some, a harmless quip about privilege to others, the phenomena of white girl jokes leaves students divided in opinion.
“The definition of racism is discrimination against another race, and white girl is in the name,” Molly Hockwalt (12) said. 423 more words

Student Life

An Experimental Post on the Americas

This is an experimental post about an experimental piece of writing. Visions of Cody flows unevenly unlike conventional storytelling – It is written in a series of vignettes, short streams of consciousness which describe a scene and flow from idea to idea then it jumps to something else. 430 more words

World Literature

A FUcking Book

I’m officially going through with the divorce. I’ve also decided that I’m fucking stupid for marrying him in the first place. I also realized how fucking hilarious it is, so I wrote a fucking book. 41 more words


Working in the Sticks

The multitudes…so there we were, there I was, washing dishes. In this industrial sink. Crazy hot dishwasher. Crazy hot steam. And then the music came on. 1,003 more words

No apologies.. I'm a White Girl from Long Island.

… And I love the blues. Cause I got the blues just like anyone else got the blues. But this white girl always had this little nagging thing in the back of her head. 559 more words

wine not?

if i could drink one drink for the rest of my life it would be wine. its perfect and gives you the best drunk no matter how much you drink.