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The Urchins' Day at the White House

If you could spend a day with the First Family, what would you do? Play basketball? Garden? Go bowling? The Urchins, naturally, would have very important business to attend to at the White House. 409 more words


Homebrew Recipe: WH Honey Ale

Like the White House honey Porter, I decided to brew this beer with the hope that I could use the opportunity to repeat “FOUR MORE BEERS!!!” over and over again. 225 more words


Tired dog and a homebrew

I enjoyed the first of my batch of the White House Honey Ale (recipe posted here) last night after a run with Attila. While I assume he was sad that he wasn’t allowed a mug of his own, he seemed satisfied to simply bask in the warmth of the fire. 73 more words


Brew Recipe: White House Honey Porter

Just before the election, the White House and Obama’s campaign did a great job of making a very small percentage of the population (homebrewers) believe that the Presdent somehow identified with them. 428 more words


White House Beer Gets Huge Bid at Auction

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — A chance meeting between the President of the United States and a beer enthusiast added up to a big payday for a children’s charity. 95 more words


Learn How To Make Your Very Own Batch Of The White House's Beer [VIDEO]

One petition that you know COED was interested in signing was for the release of the White House’s very own beer recipe. Having purchased a home brewing kit for the White House, President Obama asked the kitchen staff to find a suitable recipe for the Commander in Chief’s taste buds. 61 more words


White House Beer Recipe!

Well, we have been clamouring for it!  Ok, ok,…I have been asking for it…but now, it’s HERE!  The White House honey-laced beer!

The President has taken bottles of this brew onto Air Force One to give to friends.  99 more words