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President Defends No Obamacare Backup Plan Ahead of Court Case

In an interview Monday, President Barack Obama defended his administration not having a backup plan ready to go if the Supreme Court rules against a key part of his signature health care law. 147 more words

L. Gordon Crovitz: Liberals Mugged by Obamanet


When Google’s Eric Schmidt called White House officials a few weeks ago to oppose President Obama ’s demand that the Internet be regulated as a utility, they told him to buzz off. 222 more words


Man Arrested For Trying to Climb White House Fence Enters Agreement

WASHINGTON — A man charged with trying to climb a barrier set up outside the White House has entered into an agreement with prosecutors to have his case dismissed. 125 more words


The Circumlocutory Machinery

By Anirudh Vohra

I have an annoying headache, caused by the sudden and unforeseeable onset of anemia which is a byproduct of my inherited Thalassemia. There’s people around me that have already decided that this life is their life, have proclaimed their entitled selves as the guardians and rulers of the happenings of their little non-existent fiefdoms, with their non-existent subjects pittering about doing their bidding; this is slightly more annoying. 896 more words


White House Task Force Calls for Better Data on Police Shootings

A task force established by President Obama after high-profile shootings of black men by police is calling for the federal government to keep better records on officer-involved shootings. 473 more words

House of Card become against of God

House of God has been my favorite show on Netflix because it portrays the actual picture of Government. I have watched and enjoyed Season 1 and Season 2 and whole year i had been waiting anxiously for third season. 142 more words