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Sour Beers & Skunky Beers

“Fermenting yeasts produce more than just ethanol and carbon dioxide. They make flavorful, aromatic molecules: acids and esters. But which ones make which ones?” wonders William Bostwick as he attempts to recreate a sour beer in his kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission District. 49 more words

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Market Test a Success

Delta Slough Brew showcased  a Steam Ale –California Common style at the Kilt Pub in Sacramento on May 1, 2015, appropriately named Steamboat Slough.  I’d like to thank the owners, servers, and bartenders for their assistance that made this a very successful test.   241 more words

Beer Chat

I Steam, You Steam, We All Steam For... | exBEERiment Results!

Subtle malt graininess with the perfect hint of toasty nut combined with rustic aromas of damp wood and even a slight minty character in a beer that’s as crisp and easy drinking as it is full of delicious character: California Common, aka “Steam” beer, one of the only styles America can claim fully as its own. 1,518 more words


Where Do The Stars Whiten Their Teeth?

Some of my favorite entertainers are female country singers like Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Miranda Lambert.

When I take a closer look at this genre, I notice something that each of these award winning artists has an award winning smile! 55 more words

Hippie Heaven vs. Surfer Sanctuary | exBEERiment Results!

Hippies, maple syrup, cheddar cheese, Ben & Jerry’s, Bernie Sanders. This is what used to come to mind when I’d think of Vermont. At some point in 2011, a new beer was introduced to the market, a beer that would quickly take the world by storm, convincing hop-heads everywhere to spend up to 6x the normal retail price for a single serving, a beer that butted it’s way to the top of  2,192 more words

Home Brew

Have a Beer and Read This: 1/16/15

Welcome to Beer VS Beer’s stories of the week.  You made it to Friday, so pour a pint and read on.

Sweetwater is turning 18 this year, and they’re celebrating with their very first sour.   200 more words

Have A Beer And Read This

Chapter Two: The Yeast Begins It

In chapter one I pointed out that an allure of home brewing is the do-it-yourself culture it engenders. I am in no way “handy” or talented or mechanically inclined, etc., but I am fascinated by the notion of scraping together whatever odds and ends you may have at home and augmenting that with particulars from the hardware store or home brew supply store and forging a piece of equipment through which you can make art. 1,011 more words