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White Lie

According to http://www.dictionary.com

Definition of white lie


1. a minor, polite, or harmless lie; fib.


So have you ever told a white lie or two? 99 more words


Lies that Start White

She hides in plain sight
Obscured by her smiling face
Sharp words behind painted lips

Though dressed in white
A darkness surrounds her
A slip in the charade 120 more words


The Claiming of Titles

Every now and then, I’ll have conversations with my peers and the discussion of jobs and internships will arise.  It’s to be expected; we like to know what each person is up to, the successes they’ve achieved.   651 more words

The Thoughts

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Walking away from love?

Does it have to hurt so much? forcing oneself not to feel a love so strong and familiar, towards someone that moments of happiness you see their smile in mind, times of hurt you hear their whispers of comfort in your ears, their soft touch on your shoulder in support, in times laughter and joy you hear their laugh and in times of quietness you feel the comfortable feeling of them just being beside you. 518 more words

White lie, ugly truth, sweet desire

In the heat of a late afternoon, feeling the storm my demons made inside of me, I looked outside,  and I heard a whisper … 387 more words

My Kind Of Normal


I will be the first to admit that currently I am driving the struggle bus. There is plenty of room aboard if you wish to ride. 585 more words

Life And Everyday


Hi everyone, I hope you are all fine by God’S grace.
Today’s post is about lies telling. For the purpose of this post, we will go step by step to make sure we grasp it all with God’S Help. 500 more words