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The Claw... A story of a lie

The Claw
This lie we tell to Bang started small, kind of like a snowflake. However, it has grown into a fairly large and complicated tale much like a snowball turns into snowman’s head. 502 more words

The Claiming of Titles

Every now and then, I’ll have conversations with my peers and the discussion of jobs and internships will arise.  It’s to be expected; we like to know what each person is up to, the successes they’ve achieved.   651 more words

The Thoughts

Story Telling

I’m a great believer in the (harmless) white lie…*pausing while a few eyebrows are raised*

If it doesn’t hurt anyone feelings and it makes the other person happy then I see no harm in it. 240 more words


Lying is a piece of art. It takes time, effort and sometimes even money. Lying is such a pain, cause you have to keep up the lie all the time.Its like a drug and some are unknowing addicts, some are compulsive liars who have serious illness, who actually would require professional help,and some are occasional liars and white liars. 546 more words


Book review! The White Lie by Andrea Gillies

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged! Some of you will know that the last month has been Ramadan and Eid, so Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak to those of you that marked those holidays! 888 more words


Lying: Bringing Out Honesty

Lying is something that we come across quite often in our lives. It could come from a salesperson we met for the first time or even from a close friend and family. 1,582 more words


The Liquorice Dilemma

As a child I had an eccentric honorary auntie (doesn’t everyone?). She liked tall drinks and even taller tales. She once told me I had a chin like Audrey Hepburn. 386 more words

Human Resources