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The Social Introvert

Alone in a room full of people
Cacophonous voices all talking at once.
I try to think, I try to speak,
My words are drowned, my thoughts sink. 181 more words


The Sleaziest White Lie

He complains that I always
want to leave
right after coming
i say i always do that,
it’s just my thing
listen, im clearly
emotionally damaged… 18 more words


Lying by Sam Harris

Robin Davenport reviews Sam Harris on Lying.

You should not lie. This is the central thesis of Sam Harris’s book, Lying (2013). It seems like a straightforward enough principle to follow in pursuing the good life. 1,525 more words

Short Story #4


Prompt :– A White Lie    Genre :- Sultry (?)     Word count :– 2500


NOT ISTANBUL                      by Annalie Kleinloog

“Your turn, Ali.”

Dan’s light touch brings me back to reality with a jolt. 2,520 more words



Sa bawat pagbagsak sa lupa ng ulan…

 Ay ang pagpatak ng tubig sa aking mga mata…

 Dahilan ng ibat ibang emosyon…

Na ngayon sa puso ko’y nadarama… 329 more words

MTT 141

White lies like blood are not racial as they are available not only in Europe, America and Australia but also in Asia and Africa.

The White Lie

Dear Little Swans,

Lying is a strange phenomenon. Universally, it is recognised as BAD and universally, we are taught through example, from young age, that we should lie in some circumstances, that some lies are not really bad while others are really really bad… And nobody really faces it. 693 more words