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The White Lie

Dear Little Swans,

Lying is a strange phenomenon. Universally, it is recognised as BAD and universally, we are taught through example, from young age, that we should lie in some circumstances, that some lies are not really bad while others are really really bad… And nobody really faces it. 693 more words


Types Of Liers

Today we are going to be dishing out
different types of liers.. Liers are
individuals that do create a scene out
of no scene,here we go: 240 more words


Are White Lies Harmless?

‘If you were hiding Jews during the second World War, and the Gestapo came to ask whether you were sheltering them, is it morally wrong to tell the Gestapo that you are not, when indeed you are?’ is a question that is often posed to discern whether lies are ever excusable. 834 more words


A Midshipman’s Torah: Dealing with Dishonesty

My work with recruits at the Great Lakes Naval Base Recruit Training Center (GLRTC) continues to inspire me to think in new ways. Here, Parashot Toldot… 832 more words

Is It Always Right to lie?

I remember this one time being in a bible study with a group in Ukraine and we were looking carefully at the Ten Commandments. And we stepped upon the place where we are commanded… 1,319 more words


Apakah Berbohong Diperbolehkan?

Ketika ditanya, “Apakah boleh berbohong?” Tentu saja, semua orang pasti mengatakan, “Tidak boleh.” Sejak kecil, kita juga diajarkan bahwa berbohong adalah hal yang buruk. Tapi, apakah ada momen dimana berbohong itu “diperbolehkan”? 294 more words

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