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[LISTEN] My Parents Lied To Me?!

Are you a parent who may have told a little white lie to your kids just to get them to do something? Better yet, did you turn 12 and realize that YOU were actually that kid being lied to? 133 more words


23 Little White Lies Every Teacher Has Told



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Actually, you will never need to do long division by hand when you grow up. 305 more words

Getting A Life

Are white lies justified?

Hello everyone,

so for today I want to do a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I just want to start writing about a topic and then go on writing according to whatever pops into my head. 1,048 more words


Album Review: Milo Greene - Control

Here is a British man wearing a monocle. He is charming, well-read and extremely cultured. As an albino, his chops and sideburns are a pleasure to see. 329 more words

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•{Bluffing our way through Truth}•

In my last post •{Lie, Lying, Lies}• I went over the meaning of  a Lie with several definitions to help grasp the concept of what a… 367 more words



Normally I love stories. I’ll read a book that’s for young audiences or even a book not written well just because I want to see where the author takes the story.  497 more words

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the blackness of a white lie

The biggest thief, I once read somewhere, is not the one who pulls off the biggest heist. Or the one who gets away with the biggest loot. 1,640 more words