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Why Lie?

We all lie.

I can’t imagine someone who has never told a lie. Someone who has been completely honest his whole life.

I consider myself an honest person. 966 more words


For I see lies and lies

The mind forms a lie.
Its seed spreads to the heart.
Then the tongue speaks the lie.
One lie after another.

Drowning in lies.
Lost in this grey fog. 63 more words



Several Versions


A Story Derived

From One Lie💋


We All Lie

I’d love to tell you I have my shit together, and to be completely honest I often DO tell people I have my shit together – or at least “I’m fine” or “I’m good, I don’t need your help, thanks” – but let’s be real… It’s very rare we’re speaking the truth when we say these things. 567 more words

5 "White Lies" I Tell My Kids Without Feeling Guilty

Alright yes, I do lie to my kids. But tell me, isn’t it sometimes necessary? Haven’t you done the same sometimes to get a situation in control? 436 more words

EP Review: Dream State - Recovery

There has been a buzz around Dream State of late. The South Wales pop-punk band have been rising in popularity rapidly over the past year, in anticipation of this, their second EP. 283 more words


Honesty; May 23, 2018

Matthew 22:18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me?”

These passages were chosen on the basis of God giving or providing things, but here Jesus… 573 more words