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7 White Lies I tell My Husband Daily

Once upon a time, I was organized. I used to be on time, never missed deadlines, completed tasks and achieved goals. Then I had kids… 540 more words

Life After Kids

Honesty and Love

So I was listening to Nora Jones’ Say Goodbye, in which she says “Well, it ain’t easy to stay in love/
If you can’t tell lies”, and I mention this mainly so I can tag her in this post and maybe attract some Nora Jones fans to my site. 709 more words

Everybody Lies

Everyone lies. Everyone. If you say you don’t, than you are already lying. So just stop denying it. You are a liar like the rest of us. 1,297 more words

Lessons In Life

Song of the Day, November 12: White Lies by Boo Hewerdine

Master craftsman Boo Hewerdine is a busy man. The singer, songwriter and guitarist collaborates with a dizzying array of other musicians, performs live regularly, and records solo as well as with a number of one-off and long-term bands. 62 more words

Song Of The Day

People Lie!

People lie.  It’s as natural as breathing.  Sometimes we do it for a good reason, but mostly we do it just because we can.  Here are a few examples: 499 more words

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14 Men And Women Confess The Lies They Tell Their Significant Others Without Feeling At All Guilty

1. “I pretend to kind of like sports. It’s either this or he feels guilty about wanting to watch football and walks on eggshells around me and asks permission, etc, etc, etc, all of which he would do because he’s a considerate person and doesn’t want me to feel like he’s ignoring me. 774 more words

I'm currently listening : White Lies - There Goes Our Love Again #Yatse

I’m currently listening : White Lies – There Goes Our Love Again #Yatse

Woke up to this in my head this morning . So I had to play it before work. 11 more words

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