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Poem | White Lies

It was the advent of a betrayal and you lied.
The torture came even before the questions were thrown.
The pieces were dragged out very slowly… 326 more words


Monkeys and Elephants

Need I say more?
Causing my Vestibule to bulge
the buttons to pop,
There never being enough room
for uninvited Guests
regardless of their race, creed, or color… 135 more words


White Lies

Photography’s beginning was an honest one. It was a literal representation of what the viewer was seeing – something that painting or sculpture couldn’t be, however realistic the artists’ intentions may have been. 127 more words


truth is.

White Lies

Turn Into

Dark Situations💋


he hears.

The Whispers Of Your Enemies

Ignites The Ears

Of God💋



It was the first year of my version of high school. New school, new town, new friends, new everything. My Grandma got diagnosed with an aggressive typ of cancer and went for a curtain death. 917 more words




You don’t know me. Don’t try to figure out who I am, I will tell you when I’m ready. I am complicated, but I wish I wasn’t. 106 more words