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The Snowball Effect

When you first make a snowball it starts off pretty white. Should you then roll the snowball around to gather more snow, it starts to get grey and dirty, it pulls in more snow. 272 more words

Self Discovery

Truth or Consequences

During the night and whilst I was sleeping, this paring of words, Truth or Consequences, kept coming into my consciousness. Apparently there is even a town called Truth or Consequences…The most obvious consequence of not telling the truth is some residual fear of being “found out”. 345 more words

Self Discovery

When is lying okay?

I am a terrible liar. People instantly know when I am lying, and I think this is because my face instantly shows that I am uncomfortable with it. 492 more words

The Crack in That Motherf@!#er's Reflection

One thing I admire most about Tiny Humans is their blunt honesty. The older we get the more we tell ourselves ‘It is just a little white lie’. 145 more words

Honesty Is The Best Policy. Or Is It?

In the good old days, Halloween was seen as the scariest day of the year, followed by milestone birthdays.  Five years ago, that all changed. 582 more words

Art Gallery Pianist

Again and Again, he calls it. “I composed it just this morning.”¬†Again and again, he stabs at only four keys with a single finger. 119 more words