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Tigers, Lions & Bears (Pandas that is)

I finally got down to the Toronto Zoo this past Tuesday, at long last visiting the zoo’s ‘youngsters’ – white lion cubs, giant panda cubs, Juno (the cutest polar bear cub ever!), and Nandu the Indian rhinoceros calf.  124 more words

Fate of white lions to be decided at CITES CoP17

The lions are once again kings of Timbavati in Limpopo. But their numbers in the wild remain small. CITES CoP17 is opening on 24 September, where policymakers will decide if it is okay to hunt these magnificent beasts. 2,678 more words


Children roar to save white lions

The famed white lions of Timbavati are getting a voice through the children from the region. They are speaking on behalf of the big cats when it comes to swaying policymakers. 1,144 more words


March 4, 2016--Linda Tucker and the White Lions

In 1991 Linda Tucker, a former L’Oreal model and London executive, was on safari in Timbavati at the edge of South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Sitting around the campfire one night, she describes the “primal sounds” of roaring lions in the darkness surrounding them. 632 more words

Sea Monster

Most watched

Recently I’ve been looking back at some of my old videos on my YouTube account. Sometimes it’s nice to look back :)

I also don’t have any new photos, or garden news, due to the weather! 145 more words


Lioness-hearted Leadership

Excerpt from an article I wrote in January 2015.

2014 was perhaps one of the most profound years of my life. It’s up there with 2010, 2006, 2002, 1996. 472 more words

Leadership Development

Bucket List

Living in sunny South Africa, means that we’re fortunate enough to have lots of zoos and nature reserves and see some of the most amazing animals on a regular basis. 835 more words