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White Lung Singer Blasts Allegaeon For Trying To Crowdfund Their Band

White Lung’s Mish Barber-Way has blasted Allegaeon for their Patreon campaign, which they are trying to use to finace theri band. Clrvynt.com shared her statement, which you can see below. 803 more words


Women-Who-Rocktober: Deap Vally

Of all the stories of how bands met and formed, my favourite origin story has to belong to the Los Angeles based duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, better known as Deap Vally. 335 more words


Ten New Videos Countdown, 54

Loscil – Drained Lake

Χορός, ένας τρόπος να σπαστούν οι κανόνες που ορίζουν ένα σώμα. Να αρθούν οι απαγορεύσεις και οι εντολές μέσα από το ξεπέρασμα αυτού που δύναται να κάνει. 59 more words


Setlist: White Lung, Empire, Portland, ME - 10/17/2016

  1. I Beg You
  2. Play Video
  3. Narcoleptic

  4. Below

  5. Kiss Me When I Bleed

  6. Take the Mirror

  7. Paradise

  8. Wrong Star

  9. Sister

  10. Dead Weight

  11. Down It Goes

  12. Demented

  13. Drown With the Monster


Women-Who-Rocktober: Mish Barber-Way

Reviewing Paradise, the fourth and most recent album from Vancouver’s White Lung, was my first exposure to Mish Barber-Way.  Certainly my interest was piqued by the squall of Kenneth William’s guitar, which propels the band’s music on, and Anne-Marie Vassiliou’s buffeting drums that anchor their sound, but it took 244 more words