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The Best Singles of 2016, #5

White Lung, “Below”

Vancouver band White Lung hit their stride in 2016, and in so doing put out the best rock single of the year. Much like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps”, it’s an unusual moment of confession and emotional vulnerability from a very outspoken and confrontational singer atop some ingeniously atmospheric guitar work. 49 more words

Album Review: White Lung, 'Paradise'

We’re living in an amazing time for female-centric DIY rock. Raw, unyielding artists like Bully, Hop Along, Girlpool, and Courtney Barnett have taken center stage in recent years and simultaneously stolen the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike. 411 more words

Jack Holmes’ Top Five Albums of 2016

2016 was shit. Let’s be honest we all had higher hopes for the last 12 months, but at this time of the year music fans get the fleeting chance to look back on the stand out albums that got us through the dismal affair. 1,147 more words


Albums of the Year: 2016 Honourable Mentions

While I agonisingly try to decide on my favourite albums of this year, here are a handful of records that I enjoyed but couldn’t quite justify a placement on the main list, for one reason or another. 800 more words


The Best Albums of 2016, #17

17. White Lung, Paradise (Domino)

Vancouver band White Lung had been on my radar for years, to the point where I knew I’d hear an album I liked by them, but never knew when. 243 more words

WHITE LUNG - " Below "

White Lung fans were caught off guard by Paradise. It wasn’t the same pissed-off punk band they remembered from 2014’s crushing Deep Fantasy. Instead, the band experimented with a few new tricks this time around, namely, third-person storytelling, a poppier sound, and some full-on singing from frontwoman… 130 more words


Punk Tracks to Listen to as you Flee a Burning America

By Jack Holmes

Tonight, we find out whether America has decided to wall itself away from outsiders in Pacific Rim style idiocy with Donald Trump, or if they’ve selected a corrupt career politician who’s in the banking systems pocket with Hilary Clinton. 784 more words