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Human Rights and Imperialism

In the past imperialism was used as a way to gain new resources, power, and to spread western ideals. It was justified with Rudyard Kipling’s poem “White Man’s Burden” by stating that white imperialists had a moral duty to help the people in “underdeveloped countries.” 354 more words

Flash fiction (approx. 1,000 words): Sometimes, They Follow You Home

Mary stared at the sketch on the back of the bookmark, which she’d picked from the tea service beside her husband’s armchair. It was an ugly, lunatic thing, the work of an arrested adolescent, not the straightforward colonel she knew and had married thirty years ago. 985 more words


Watch @MarKausMF Perform "Counter Culture" with #SoulSessions

Media Fresh founder MarKaus linked up with PLVTO Pros to create this live performance peace in the streets of Des Moines. The videos song, “Counter Culture” will be featured on his upcoming album “White Mans Burden”. 8 more words

white man's terrorist

i have a question: can a white man be a terrorist?
in my mind i already see several of my friends jump up in outrage. of course! 752 more words

A Theoretical Input

Forest Primeval

In this the sixth in the series Sundae With Nuts, I will cover four more poets from my original alphabetical list given in the original article and found on the supplemental page by the same name. 1,217 more words


Activist Criticism in the 21st Century (1): "The White Man's Burden"

By Shijung Kim

Take up the White Man’s burden–
Send forth the best ye breed–
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need; 1,199 more words