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Everyone everywhere wants to tell women what to wear

The move against religious attire in France- in practice meaning various types of coverings used by some Muslim women- is not new. Recently, however, the brand of secularism touted by French authorities has increasingly come to mirror the restrictions imposed in countries with fundamentalist governments. 480 more words


Nostalgia Hit #1 - August 2006 the start of my journey in social enterprise and the elusive search for the magic bullet.

Whoa.  Has it been TEN YEARS already since my first degree from Canada and my 10 year relationship with Facebook?!  How did it all fly by so quickly? 1,589 more words


Calcutta appears, in various contexts, in the book. The one that interested me the most was about the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta.

Response to the Keyword… 15 more words


Charity is Dialogue

The history of Euro and American colonization of the Southern hemisphere has left a continued cultural defect in people of European descent.

In years past it was called “The White Man’s Burden”; the idea that white folk were obliged to export and impose white values and practices on those of the “darker races.” 1,057 more words


The Real White Man's Burden

While perusing an article and its replies on the Right-Wing website D C Clothesline, I became intrigued by a running thread touting the role… 609 more words


Note: This post is more or less a book review of William Easterly’s book, The White Man’s Burden, which came out in 2006 (a whole decade ago). 1,255 more words

Development Economics

Link: Why re-colonization?


I disagree.

For very simple reasons.

  1. cleaning up the mess they made will be expensive enough.
  2. we need to encourage our traitors to go abroad and helping the huddled masses would be a useful carrot, odds are they won’t return, with any luck…
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