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Ruling the Waves - Episode 5 - 'The White Man's Burden'

Stefan Piotrowski
Against the Current Productions

Historians – filmmakers, too – should always be careful about sweeping all particulars into a grand overarching narrative. Attitudes to race are a case in point. 735 more words

Imperial & Global History

Editorial: In Defence of Utopia and Humanity: the Responsibility of Wealthy Nations in the Refugee Crisis

By Moritz Borchardt

We are, by default, living in historic times. Be it in the midst of the recently increased influx of immigrants and refugees into Europe, the  fight of the Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iraq, or the financial implications and echoes of crises past and present, the times we are living in are predominantly one thing: hectic. 1,130 more words


MLB's White Man's Burden: Domesticating the Soulless/Soulful Latino Ballplayer

Headline of the video below: “Carlos Gomez Starts Fight With John Ryan Murphy”

Truth of the video below: Carlos Gomez hit a fly ball and made an out. 714 more words

Sports Goo

The White Man's Burden: Donald Trump

On Friday evening Donald Trump was banned from one of the biggest gatherings of conservative activists by the event’s coordinator, Erik Erickson. What was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back? 990 more words

First Excerpt from Great Flâneur Massacre Published Online at Glossy News!

I am continuing to promote my forthcoming ‘The Great Flâneur Massacre,’ to be self-published later this month in ebook form. My previous works of promotion provided sample quotes with fictional endorsements: 42 more words


Song of the Day - June 23, 2015

By Mick Dumdell
It is not easy being a warrior for social justice, and sometimes I like to just lay down my burdens and enjoy a good song. 140 more words

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