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Song of the Day - June 23, 2015

It is not easy being a warrior for social justice, and sometimes I like to just lay down my burdens and enjoy a good song. Here is one of my favorites – … 134 more words


Available to order: American 'white dictionary'

In childhood, the moral education book had a chapter about a Brahmin who would ask people from other caste to offer a cat (to God through him) made of solid gold if he or she happens to kill a cat, even by accident. 369 more words

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Things to remember as you volunteer or conduct research in a developing country this summer

Rafia Zakaria, on Al Jazeera America, writes:

My friend Jack likes to tell his favorite story about a summer he spent volunteering in Colombia. He recounts that story anytime he’s handed the opportunity, at parties, lunch meetings and airports.

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The Agency of "Consumers" in Less Economically Dominant Countries: Can the Buyer Speak?

This is a response to a very important blog post from ‘Invisible Column':


The framing of charity donations in light of culturally-specific norms (in the post from ‘Invisible Column’ I am reblogging, is a very interesting and important consideration. 495 more words

Human Rights and Imperialism

In the past imperialism was used as a way to gain new resources, power, and to spread western ideals. It was justified with Rudyard Kipling’s poem “White Man’s Burden” by stating that white imperialists had a moral duty to help the people in “underdeveloped countries.” 354 more words

Flash fiction (approx. 1,000 words): Sometimes, They Follow You Home

Mary stared at the sketch on the back of the bookmark, which she’d picked from the tea service beside her husband’s armchair. It was an ugly, lunatic thing, the work of an arrested adolescent, not the straightforward colonel she knew and had married thirty years ago. 985 more words


Watch @MarKausMF Perform "Counter Culture" with #SoulSessions

Media Fresh founder MarKaus linked up with PLVTO Pros to create this live performance peace in the streets of Des Moines. The videos song, “Counter Culture” will be featured on his upcoming album “White Mans Burden”. 8 more words