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Sparring in the White House: Theodore Roosevelt, Race, and Boxing

Boxing has long been a sport for the lower-classes which, for most of its early history was illegal and practiced in secrecy to avoid arrests. However in the late 1800s there was a change in who practiced boxing. 1,400 more words

Comic: Murray strikes back

Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment.

Read it, redditfags.

>implying white people weren’t slaves for longer than blacks
>implying sex slavery isn’t the primary definition and not ongoing in this century… 116 more words


Historically, white people have been generally horrible to all the world’s non-white people, which is why, until recently, I failed to adequately understand the common distaste that many non-white people share for the white liberal. 724 more words

Something To Think About

White Bards’, Black Lies

…So Ezra Pound was a grandee, so to say
Since Anti-Semitism ain’t sin, “for Jews caused the two world wars…”
And David Mamet ain’t, just another anti-Muslim, anti-gay… 136 more words


Call 9-1-1

“Have we found it yet?”

Uncle Sam asked the soldiers as they scooped out heaps of mud.  It was another one of those excavations, of archaeological proportions, which could change the course of history. 482 more words

Everyone everywhere wants to tell women what to wear

The move against religious attire in France- in practice meaning various types of coverings used by some Muslim women- is not new. Recently, however, the brand of secularism touted by French authorities has increasingly come to mirror the restrictions imposed in countries with fundamentalist governments. 480 more words


Nostalgia Hit #1 - August 2006 the start of my journey in social enterprise and the elusive search for the magic bullet.

Whoa.  Has it been TEN YEARS already since my first degree from Canada and my 10 year relationship with Facebook?!  How did it all fly by so quickly? 1,589 more words