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Marchin' & Order

It was just yesterday that over 300 people were in my audience. The entire February our group of a amateur dozen met each evening for our annual neighborhood drama production, which culminated last night. 497 more words

Michael Narssi

America's Love-Hate Triangle

The White Man knows exactly who The Black Woman is and the threat she poses. He knows she’s The Black Goddess Power to Be!  The White Man… 598 more words

Legends of Myself 108

PART VI:  Ward of the Court, 1962-64

108.  Cloverdale, 1962: The Temporary Farm Boy

In 1899, in a poem urging Americans to take up arms against the Philippines, Rudyard Kipling invented the term “White man’s burden”, which was the burden of spreading White civilization, often violently, always arbitrarily, and despite the foolish objections of the natives. 1,707 more words


Death to The First Worldist's Burden

It is a firmly held position by Third Worldists that first worldists are not the allies of the global proletariat. First world people, despite their income demographic, will ally themselves with the ruling ideology by supporting the mass slaughter of the third world. 577 more words


Alternative History Lessons in White Man's Burden

A look back at the forgotten alt history/racial drama, in light of HBO’s Confederate and Amazon’s Black America.